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Movie Naming Convention Bollywood Astrology

The name its alphabets, pronunciation and the vibrations have an effect on the person’s planetary body, mind, surroundings and the outcome or incidents. All the planets of a person’s natal chart bear a relationship and represent certain sound vibrations. These vibrations have positive impact on the name and the bearer. This is the reason earlier name of the child was given according to Nakshatra. Each Nakshatra is assigned with an initiating letter. The name, therefore, used to be given based on child’s Nakshatra and the representing letter. Other details are also duly considered are the ascendant sign prediction, Dasha etc. One can avail movie naming convention Bollywood astrology consulting Astrologer Prashant Kapoor

Benefits of Movie Naming Convention Bollywood Astrology

Similarly, in naming convention of Movie, our astrologers will create a natal chart based on the timings of initiation (birth) of movie. Subsequently, our experts study planetary position, ascendant, Dasha and Nakshatra of the natal chart. According to Nakshatra and allocated letter the name of the Movie is suggested, or the required alphabets in the name are suggested based on comprehensive study. The positive vibration of the name thus brings luck and the positive outcome of the movie when launched. Value added services include: if the date of movie launching is already fixed or declared, however, as per the astrological analysis the day & date is not auspicious as anticipated, in that case, our experts provide remedies to perform by the core team (director, producer) before launching the movie on decided date.

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