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Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes often referred as, diabetes mellitus is a condition in which, a person has insufficient amount of sugar in the blood, either due to the production of insulin is inadequate or because the body cells do not respond to the insulin properly. Diabetes is a disease of endocrine gland pancreas, any disturbance in the alpha cells and the beta cells of pancreas can cause diabetes. Because diabetes is concerned with disturbance of endocrine gland pancreas, therefore no complete medication has evolved for the treatment of this disease. “Ayurveda can check the condition and reasons that can cause diabetes because the basis of Ayurveda is a disciplined life with healthy and good food”. Ayurvedic treatment of diabetes involves prescription of suitable natural homemade herbs and other Ayurvedic herbs that prepared by the Ayurveda for complete elimination of this disease. According to Ayurveda, there are 20 forms of diabetes. 4 results due to vata, 6 due to pitta and 10 are caused by kapha. All forms of diabetes if not treated properly become Diabetes mellitus. Cause of Diabetes · Too much use of diet, which has Kappha Dosha · Lack of exercise · Mental stress and strain · Excessive sleep · Consuming extra sugar

There are several symptoms of diabetes but here are the primary symptoms that can help in the diagnosis of disease at an early stage-

· Excessive thirst · Blurry vision · Skin infections that is impossible to cure · Burning of palms and sole · Weight loss · Increased hunger · Excessive urine formation · Extreme fatigue

Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetes

Herbs used in the treatment of Diabetes are: · Jambhul – Powdered Jambhul · Neem · Triphala · Turmeric · Shilajeet · Bitter Gourd · Bitter Melon · Bel ( Aegeles Marmelos)In summation, we can say that diabetes is not a disease but it is summation of cause. The most significant cause for this disease is poor maintenance and sedentary life style. If proper and healthy life style is followed with sufficient physical works then it is inferred that you will be safe from this disease.
Medical Astrology and Diabetes
Astrological factors that can influence diabetes are: Sign cancer – Rules pancreas and blood 6th house – House of disease Jupiter – Arteris, veins and degenerative disease Venus – Rules kidney and urine Moon – Rules pancreatic actionThese are the general planetary combinations, that can cause diabetes but other planetary combinations are also taken into consideration while studying the cause of this disease. If Venus and Jupiter are concerned with the malefic planets than it denotes that, a person may become diabetic probe after 45 years. The malefic effect of Moon and Jupiter in the 8th House Affliction of Jupiter by Saturn (Note – This is just an example, there are other planetary combinations in the horoscope which are studied for diabetes)As we know that insulin is secreted by pancreas and Venus rules the pancreas, so any affliction to Venus can be alarming. Hence prevention is better than cure. If you want to know the position of your planets in the horoscope for the prevention of diabetes than you should consult an expert medical astrologer. Medical astrologer can provide remedies according to the planetary combinations in your horoscope and can recommend proper gemstone for the weak and afflicted planet. If you are looking for a Medical astrologer in India, USA and UK, then you can consult Astrologer Prashant Kapoor. He is the only medical astrologer in India, solved more than 3200 cases of diabetes and other diseases until now.This consultation would be offered by Medical Astrologer: Prashant Kapoor

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