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Vedic Matchmaking Report: Will be mailed separately along with Astro Talk with Vedic Astrologer - Prashant Kapoor

Vedic Matchmaking Service by Team of Vedic Astrologers of AstroKapoor.Com Vedic Matchmaking is an expert-run process of introducing people usually for the purposes of marriage, considering their compatibility with the help of astrology.

Vedic Matchmaking In India there are very few specialized and experienced astrologers for Vedic matchmaking who take under consideration the facts such as Nakshatra Dosha (in which some Nakshatra Charanas are unfavorable for in-law, brother in-law, elder brothers), Conjunction of Inimical Stars in seventh place and the Lord and Significator of the same, Vish Kanya or Vish Purush Yoga, Varna Gunankan Chart, Vashya Gunankan Chart, Tara Gunankan Chart, Yoni Gunankan Chart, friend, neutral, enemy and Lord of Moon sign, Star Gunankan Chart, Shudh and Ashudh Bhrikut, Shadashtak Bhrikut, Bhrikut Gunankan Chart, Nadi Gunankan Chart, Manglik Dosha, Conjunction of Inimical Stars in fifth place regarding the chances of conceiving child, Multiple Marriage Yoga.

Example: Here we have birth details of two couples Male:- Date of Birth:23 rd Nov’1979; Time: 13.15; BP: Delhi Female:- Date of Birth:23 rd Sep’1982; Time:18.56; BP: Delhi

Difference between Computerized and Vedic Matchmaking

Vedic Report of Manglik Consideration: Here in the female’s chart presence of malefic planets, that is Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Ketu in first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth houses impose Manglik Dosha. In male’s horoscope too presence of Mars in these houses creates Manglik Dosha. Hence, presence of this Dosha in both the charts compensates each other and the marriage is recommended. Vedic Match Chart Consideration: In both the charts the Lords of moon sign are friends (Rashishmaitree), hence there exists no Bhrikut Dosha. Also, the Compatibility score (the number of points/Gunas) increases. Total Points: Varna Dosha = Vashya Dosha = Tara Dosha = Gana Dosha = Bhrikut Dosha = Total = Nakshatra Guna = Total Points: 0.5 1.0 1.0 3.0 3.5 9.0 16.5 16.5 + 9 = 25.5

Computerized Report of Manglik Consideration:

Manglik Dosha is present in the chart of the male, but it is absent in the chart of the Female. Marriage of the couple is not recommended as disharmony may arise. Computerize Match Chart Consideration: Bhrikut is considered as essential criteria for a good match. Since there is Bhrikut Dosha present in this particular compatibility chart it is considered that the couple may have problems in their matrimonial life. Hence, this match is not recommended. The compatibility score is low, marriage is not advised without consultation with a professional astrologer. Normally a match with minimum of 18 points is recommended. Total Points: 16.5 out of 36 which indicates match is done though match is perfect as per the Vedic astrology rules.

Our Organization Astrokapoor.com is the only Organization who provides Vedic Matchmaking considering all the above stated facts. This Vedic matchmaking is well-known throughout the world such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Nepal, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. and all over India.

Input required for getting Vedic Matchmaking Analysis. Please provide your complete birth details (Date of birth, Time & Birth Place), and preferred consultation time.

Please note: For Online Vedic Matchmaking analysis. in case of unavailability of birth details, one can mention the lump sum timing while filling the form given below. In such special cases, all the astrological calculations for Matchmaking and solutions will be provided with the help of 'Birth Time Rectification' and Prahsna Kundli/Horary Astrology.

Significance of Paid Vedic Matchmaking over Free Online Vedic Matchmaking

There are different service providers who are offering Free Online Vedic Matchmaking analysis. So, lot of Free Matchmaking calculators are available online for marriages which can make the detailed analysis on the basis of date of birth, time and birth place of couples. Generally, 99.99% use online free matchmaking analysis report but they do not get assured using such Free online matchmaking software. Hardly 0.01% of users are there who instead of Free matchmaking report, look for properly paid online Vedic matchmaking analysis report from reputed experienced Vedic astrologers. Though technology is getting advanced on everyday basis and robots are being used for various tasks but still human can’t be replaced by robots. Similarly, this Vedic matchmaking can’t be replaced ever completely by using any free kundli matchmaking software. Computer software has a readymade program with limitations, which can be updated during the time for enhancement but astrologers’ knowledge has no limitation while doing Vedic matchmaking because Vedic matchmaking has lot of aspects which need to be looked into for proper matchmaking. They also hold lot of experience due to their past experiences and it keeps increasing by reading new journal, attending conferences, seminars, reading books, debates etc. in their every day’s life. With the above context, computer software can make possibility in near future to do proper free vedic matchmaking for marriages but cannot avail expertise even after using artificial intelligence due to limitations of their readymade programs

Is Vedic Matchmaking compulsory for love marriage?

When people talk about Vedic matchmaking for love marriage then astrologers should make this understanding that lovers would not stop marrying even though they have no proper match in the horoscope. They would prefer to die for each other rather than suffering from virtual death by staying apart. There is a saying that, ‘marriages are made in heaven’. So, if we notice about some people who fall in love, even in the case when their kundli match is not seamless, still such marriages go smoothly. This is the core point where one can say that online horoscope matchmaking software cannot justify its calculations always. But in such case where horoscope matchmaking is not up to the mark for marriage, there experienced Vedic astrologers would definitely advice concrete Vedic solutions with the help of Vedic matchmaking. These Vedic solutions would remove the effects of malefic planets to run the love marriage with harmony.

Can I still marry someone if horoscopes are not compatible according to Vedic Matchmaking?

There was a time when astrologers were biased with their study and did not approve such marriages if horoscopes were not matching. This condition was acceptable in the case of idyllic arrange marriage. In this new era, people prefer to find their mates online through various social media websites but still opt for ‘free online Vedic matchmaking or paid Vedic matchmaking. This helps finding the compatibility match according to the planets. In various cases horoscopes do not match hence couples do not get approval for marriage from astrologers. But every problem has a solutions where if the match is not compatible then one can go for solution. These Vedic solutions definitely bring harmony in couple’s idyllic life by decreasing the malefic effect of planets.

Does Online Vedic matchmaking guarantees success of married life?

Astrology is a science which provides guidelines to take any decisions in one’s life as we all are somewhere connected with planets and stars. There is nothing that can be guaranteed hundred percent still, with right calculations, knowledge, guidance and above all, the individual capacity to make adjustments may assure success of any relationship. The kind of online Vedic matchmaking which is being followed these days are simply based on limited software calculations which in any manner does not provide in-depth calculations. As a result, this shallow matchmaking cannot provide fruitful results. For concrete results of successful and happy married life, it is recommended to get Vedic matching done but an experienced and knowledgeable Vedic astrologer who can do the matchmaking on minute level.

Marriage are made in heaven but still we have a choice. Modern marriage need just gun Milan, kundli Milan as well as bhav milan. Modern days kundli Milan should be based on astkoot Milan and bhav Milan.

Bhav Milan-

  • Matching of 12 houses of the groom with the 12 houses of the bride.
  • The seven bhav of marriage are 1,2,4,5,7,8,12
  • 1 h is self, 2 h for family and any other things , 4h for family comfort, 5h for progeny and love marriage,7h for spouse, 8h sasural and 12h for sleeping comfort .
  • Venus is the karak for marriage.
  • No melefic planet in bhav if one person have melefic in bhav than second person also have melefic in that particular house.
  • No melefic in 12 house , it is the bedroom place otherwise quarrel happen between the couple.

Look at the above-mentioned matter considering the 7 house in the boy’s kundli for the girl , and 7 h the girl’s kundli for the boy (for ex 7th from 7th ,7th from 5th,7th from 5th, 7th from 4th ,7th from 12th) see whether the inauspicious effects are increasing or decreasing. Element of the sign should checked , airy sign is compatible with airy sign , earth sign compatible with earth sign , water sign is compatible with water sign as well as fire sign compatible with fire sign and moon rashi compatible with moon sign . Mangol dosh also checked in both chart. For ex-

  • if groom chart Mars is in 7 house and groom chart 7 house there should be different planet like Rahu, and shani for cancel the mangalik dosh
  • Planet in bhav of bride and groom are same and rashi also same is the best Milan for the couple.
  • The boy in whose horoscope a particular house is afflicted should be matched with a girl whose horoscope is also affected with that house.
  • Similarly the same rule should applied for other houses specifically 2 and 7 house.

Astkoot Milan-

  • Astkoot divide into eight part and further divide into 36 point.
  • Generally eight koot considered for marriage .
  • Eight koot are 1-varna 2-vashya 3-tara 4-yoni 5-grah matree 6-gan 7-bhakoot and 8-nadi. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7and 8 respectively and ank are given. Total numbers are 36 ,minimum 18 digit are required for correct match.

Varna(1 mark)-

4,8,12 rashi are brahmin, 1,5,9 are kshatriya, 2,6,10 are vaishya and 3,7,11 are shudra. Groom chart varna be more than bride varna , for this 1 mark is given.when the bride varna is superior than groom varna no mark is given.brahmin are the superior caste and kshatriya,vaishya and shudra respectively inferior .


4/8/12 1/5/9 2/6/10 3/7/10


4/8/12 1 0 0 0

1/5/9 1 1 0 0

2/6/10 1 1 1 0

3/7/17 1 1 1 1

Vaishya( 2 mark)-

meaning of vaishya is under control, in this koot nature of different rashi

Vaishya Rashi

Manushya(dwipad)- Gemini,virgo,libra, sagittarius(0-15), Aquarius

Chatushpad- Aries,taurus,Capricorn (0-15), sagittarius(15-30)

Jalchar- Cancer , Capricorn 15-30) ,Pisces

Vanchar - Leo

Keet - Scorpio

It is considered best for both the bride and groom to belong to the same vaishya group and for this 2 point are given. when bride sign is related to the groom zodiac sign than 1 point is given, when bride sign is opposite to groom sign 1/2 point is given, in other situations 0 mark is given.

Tara(3 marks)-

Count the groom nakshatra to the bride nakshatra and divide the number obtained by 9 , if remainder is 3,5,and 7 than the star is inauspicious ,0 mark is given . Whereas in other situation the star is auspicious than 1.5 mark are given

Same way count the bride nakshatra to the groom nakshatra and divide the obtained number by 9, if remainder is 3,5,7 than the star is inauspicious 0 mark is given. Same here in other situation the tara is auspicious than 1.5 mark are given.

Therefore if an auspicious star appear from both groom and bride nakshatra than 3 marks are given, if one is auspicious and other is inauspicious than 1.5 point are given and in other situations no mark is given

For exp - groom nakshatra is Ashwini and bride nakshatra is pushya , count from groom nakshatr to the bride nakshatra no is 8 , since the number is less than 9 we can take as it is.

Count from bride nakshatra pushya to groom nakshatra aswini , we get 21 divide by 9 the remainder is 3 .

Now the one star is auspicious and other is inauspicious than the 1.5 mark are given

Yoni(4 mark)-

Overall sexual compatibility between a couple . Groom and bride yoni should not be enemies of each other. If yoni are same for both than 4 mark are given , if they are friend than 3 marks, if they are even than 2 mark, if they are enemies than 1 and super enemies to each other than no marks are given.

Grah matree(5 mark)-

See the moon lord of both the bride and groom . If they are friend and lord of moon are same than 5 mark are given, if they are friend and even than 4 mark, if they are even to each other than 3 mark , one lord is friendly towards the other and other is enmity than 1 mark , one is equal to the other while the other is enemy giving 1/2 point. In other cases no mark is given .

Boy Su mo ma me ju ve sa


Su 5 5 5 4 5 0 0

Mo 5 5 4 1 4 1/2 1/2

Ma 5 4 5 1/2 5 3 1/2

Me 4 1 1/2 5 1/2 5 4

Ju 5 4 5 1/2 5 1/2 3

Ve 0 1/2 3 5 1/2 5 5

Sa 0 1/2 1/2 4 3 5 5

Gan (6 mark)-

All the nakshatra are divide into Dev manushya, rakshas

If bride and groom gun are same than 6 points are given , if groom is Dev and bride manushya than 6 point are given, if bride is Dev and groom manushya than 5 point, if groom rakshas and bride Dev than 1 point, in other situation no point.

If rashi ,yoni,and bhakoot Milan are complete than marriage can take place even if there is no gan maching.

Bhakoot(7 mark)-

In this position of the bride and groom birth sign are considered . If the zodiac sign are considered 2/12,6/8,5/9 to each other than it’s inauspicious.

Bhakoot is the second most important point after nadi. If the lord of bride and groom rashi are same than the point given is 7

And in other situation no points are given.

Bhakoot is check for wealth and success in relationship.

For exp birth sign of couple is Virgo than the given point is 7 , if the birth sign of groom is Aries and pices then the given point is 0.

Nadi(8 point)-

Nadi present the pulse or energy Chanel in the body .nadi are three in human according to Vedic astrology

Adya , madhya, antya nadi

Bride qnd groom nadi should not same . If nadi is 0 out of 8 than it’s nadi dosh. If groom nadi is aadi and bride nadi is antya than the 8 point is given. In other situation nadi is 0

Boy Adya Madhyam Antya


Adya 8 0 0

Madhyam 0 8 0

Antya 0 0 8

Other things

Based on the Hindi letter of the name of the bride and groom. These are 8 types of varga.

1 -sarp 2-mushak 3-mrig 4-mesh 5-garud

6-bidal 7- simha 8-swan

The fifth class from each class is its enemy class , if both have same varga than it is auspicious.

2-count the groom nakshatra from bride nakshatra , it can be said that the more distance between the nakshatra is auspicious

For ex - if distance between nakshatra is up to 9 it inauspicious, up to 9-18 is medium and more than 18 is auspicious

One can also avail 'Matchmaking Package for Multiple Matches' 

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