Astrologically India to be the Global leader in coming time after Saturn transit in Aquarius 2023

India will lead the world, and why it couldn’t earlier. First of all if we see the chart of India, we have taurus ascendant chart, and Rahu is placed on 1st house, here we can give the story of rahu.

As per Puranas, the birth of Rahu and Ketu was during. ‘ Samudra Manthan ‘. Svarbhanu, ‘ one of the asuras, changed his appearance to a deva to take some portion of the Nectar. still, Devas realized that Svarbhanu was an Asura. Knowing this, Lord Vishnu Separate Svarbhanu’s head with his Sudarshan Charka. indeed though his head and body came promised, they remained immortal. Before his head was served, he managed to drink a drop of the quencher from the Amrit. The head is known as Rahu, and the headless body is the Ketu.Rahu is a very intelligent planets. now we have 2 shadow planet, so whenever rahu placed in anybody’s chart, that people are extremely intelligent.

In India’s Chart rahu is placed in 1st house, so it indicates that India people in whole world are intelligent people  and if we see NASA and many of the countries then whatever groups are working most intelligent are Indian People.

Only from India intelligence is going outside, why they were not staying India, because they were have more opportunities outside India. We do not had proper government, but after 2014 our new prime Minister came as Mr. Narender Modi, so if we see his chart. In his chart mars and moon, it is placed in the first house in the Scorpio ascendant. And he is a ShatruHanta Yoga (शत्रुहंता योग) in his chart. So after he came, because of his leadership, nation started growing from scratch. A foundation was built again.

And since he has Rajyoga, he has also served Gujarat state and create a kind of new Gujarat model. And similar kind of model he started pushing for the whole country also. Now astrological combinations are also indicating after he came and new combination, since Saturn has transited in Aquarius on 17th Jan 2023. And Aquarius has gone in India’s  10th house,  Karma House. This is going to make a lot of business opportunities for the India, lots of new ventures are going to open. also the people who has left India, they will come back, because there is time of recession, after 17th jan 2023 Saturn is transit in Aquarius. Which give recession for whole world but it’s good for India.  India will be start growing. Coming 3 years are very good for India, new infrastructure will be made, work on weapons will be done.  Technology and airspace technology will also improve.

work will be done on the forest, cheetah has came to India, so that it Can become tourist place. Employment will increase in that area, People will come to see cheetah, 300 smarts cities will be build, house has been given for 3 crore people, as per astrological combinations coming time is very good for India.

And Rahu’s Mahadasha will come in 2030, Rahu will move to 1st house. so it indicate and one it will start India will become Super nation. Those 18 years will be super power for India.

Today US comes in superpower, Russia and China also come in power nation, but people will remember only India as superpower.   And as we all know India Have the ideology of “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam, वसुधैव कुटुंबकम”. We take everyone together. so this is the reason, in coming 2 years , people from other countries will be start coming to India for employment. And people will be very happy to work with India.


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