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Warning for Stock Market investors, 2008 scenario will repeat? Prashant Kapoor

Astrologer Prashant Kapoor’s predictions on the bases of Mundane astrology are very accurate. He predicts the stock market as well. He shares all the principles of Mundane Astrology that he has analyzed for the year 2024. This claim is correct as to the situation of the stock market in this year In the past He has also give an analysis of what is going to happen in the present. but It is very important to know what is our basis for giving this prediction. You must have also used it.

Around July 2008, He had given an article that the Bombay Stock Exchange had almost touched 22000 and would stop 8000 around December 2008. After that, the market started crashing, on November 8th, 2008. when he had given this prediction. Many people have said that there is no basis for making such a prediction. Later in 2020 also He gave a prediction once in an article and the market will crash again in around February 2020 

On the 28th or 29th of March 2020 in which He claimed that there will be a 7% crash again. 2 days later, it also happened and like he had predicted 24th April 2023, there are other small predictions like this. In this feb 2024 also said that Bank Nifty would rise and all the banking shares would rise a lot, so many such people who are associated with us, must have booked very good profits and they will continue to book profits till the 8th and 9th February. 

Now the question comes that what is going to happen in 2024. In this year Mars will be the king and Saturn will be the minister in Vikrami Samvat. Mars means Aggression. People will suddenly set out to find easy money.

your intuition should be very strong now like 23rd Feb 2024 is the date which is coming. He has done many predictions till now, the accuracy has been up to 98%. Around the time of feb 2024, a crash is visible in the stock market as soon as Saturn Vikrami Samvat starts in April 2024 and Saturn will be the minister till 25th March 2024, then he will rise in Aquarius only. There will be some preparation for a very big scam during this time and in 2024 there will be at least 4 big shocks. This is seen happening in the stock market. Astrologer Prashant Kapoor has a suggestion for everyone that those people should always stay away from this market whose chances of earning money in the market in not available in the horoscope. and how is it known? From the 5th house of your horoscope, the 5th house along with the 8th, 11th and 10th house is somewhere in some form or the other, whether it is the house in Signify or Bhavesh or the exchange of planets. There must be some connection, if this connection is not there and that too should be a beneficial connection, the score in Sarvashtak should also be good. If it is not there in the 5th house, then you cannot earn money in the stock market and if there is a weak condition of Saturn somewhere.Then if you invest funds in the stock market, then all the funds will fall. As we all know, Saturn does not give people the opportunity to earn easy money. 

the planets were as they were at that time and are still the same, a symmetry is visible. Similar combinations come out, so the people who are new to the market, want to jump into the market thinking that today I will invest 1 lakh and this share was worth ₹ 10, 4 months ago it has become 90, so it will be 9 lakh for me too. Please think carefully and make the decision

For long term investors, He suggests that they should be rest assured that you can easily take whatever shares you own, in small amounts every month, keep taking them for long term investment and there are some very good companies too. If the market crashes, it also falls by 60-70% but Within 4-5 months the rates come back to the same level and after that they start growing again, so there is no loss for long term investors, it is okay that their funds fall by 50% but that is when the difference is seen. If they do not want to sell anything or someone has invested funds here with the intention of selling, then they should be a little cautious at this time. So this is the year of crash as per astrological analysis.



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