Saturn retrograde in Aquarius sign (17th June-4th November 2023)

Lord of Justice Saturn is going to Retrograde on 17th June 2023, 10:58 pm (Delhi Time) in Aquarius sign. And this will remain till 4th November 2023. Astrologer Prashant Kapoor predicted its effects in India and the World . This is his research through Mundane Astrology. Saturn when in retrograde motion in Aquarius which is a Mooltrikona Sign. So retrogradation On his own mooltrikona sign means increase in its powers. If there is any retrograde planet, then its effect is more than that of the direct one.

So, It Indicates, some people with whom some injustice has happened, and few people who are in jail, and trapped in false cases in the court. they will get justice and will come out of trouble. And some people who do not understand the definition of justice and do not even do any rational work. they will have troubled times. some people will go to jail

Saturn’s presence in Aquarius indicates that such administrative officer like IAS Officers, from revenue department, Judges, Politicians, Business tycoon, they are going to be in trouble.

Generally, People are scared about the effects of Saturn Rahu and Ketu. But if these planets are related to good houses in a good degree in your horoscope, then you see a lot of benefits.

Indian Army and Government need to be very alert at this time. Guerrilla war is visible on Jammu Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh border. Along with this, Saturn is in Air sign, so Hijacks Yoga are also Visible. Some of our means of transport are being hit by some scriptures. Like Train, Bus etc

The opposition will be very strong, then definitely the problems will increase for the ruling party. because seventh lord is in fifth. And ShubhaKatri Yoga is also there. The retrograde motion of Saturn in the 3rd house is also accompanied by the 3rd aspect. So the Saturn activated guru Chandal Yoga.

Earthquakes are visible in western countries and also in Western state of India. Along with this, landslide rain is also going to start due to volcanic eruption, cyclone, heavy rains in North India.

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