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White Sapphire - Safed Pukhraaj

White Sapphire-Safed Pukhraj

White Sapphire “Safed Pukhraj”:- Represents Jupiter “Brahaspati” & Venus “Shukra”
Sapphire/Pukhraj represents mixed effects of the planets Jupiter and Venus which are the divine planet of the solar system and Jupiter is the largest of all planets. Jupiter is also known as “Guru” since it is considered as the guru of all ‘Deva’. White Sapphire or Safed Pukhraj is also known as pushkaraj and available in various colour, other than White there are yellow, pink, orange, purple, violet, red in a variety of shades, green, aqua green, oranges green, pinkish-orange, sea green, blue paradise, greenish blue’.

White Sapphire and Safed Pukhraj can be helpful Career and professions: Show business, film industry, Teaching and education, justice, literature, higher education such as Ph.D, ministers, religious work, business related to gold, organizer, grocery, business related to wool, wax, turmeric.
Diseases that get cured wearing this gemstone White Sapphire in hindi Safed Pukhraj: Sex-related problems, Ear problems, diseases related to the intestine, kidney problem, swelling, cough, fat-related problems.

Wholesale prices of White Sapphire and in Hindi language Safed Pukhraj Gemstone: Visit Astrokapoor’s office for buying the certified loose gemstones.



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