Earthquake Predictions for Turkey came true

Astrologer Prashant Kapoor has already predicted on Turkey long time ago. It was given that there would be a terrible earthquake above the Richter scale of 7. There are countries where such earthquake indications were seen. He also predicted those countries as well. His astrological predictions about Turkey’s earthquake were bang on and indicated the government of Turkey beforehand to take precautionary measures. Mr. Prashant Kapoor’s accuracy is almost about 99% in earthquake predictions. He does detailed analysis to give these types of predictions. To check about other countries which are on High risk of earthquakes Please check our YouTube Channel. AstroKapoor – YouTube.

He doesn’t give these predictions to scare people, He just want to alert Local Government and people from upcoming danger.
and with his Detailed analysis videos he helps Astrology students to do their research. He told in his video, due to which planet and Yoga this type of calamities happen.
He is best astrologer in the world who has clientage worldwide just because of his accuracy in all kind of predictions.

He learned Mundane astrology from his teacher Shri Vipin Kapoor and made his passion predicting about nature.
He also predicted about India that there will be an earthquake in the Himalayan range up to scale 11 and Himalayan range will slip. Astrological in its place. By March 2025, severe earthquakes are bound to occur.

As per our astrological Analysis If we talk about Delhi NCR. In Delhi East Delhi indicates danger. It’s on high alert.

Apart from India there are many other countries like Australia, Japan, India, Ecuador, Philippines, Pakistan Salvador, Mexico Indonesia, China, and Iran.

For detail you can check his Earthquake predictions Video on YouTube.
At last we can say Mr. Prashant Kapoor is best astrologer in the world due to his accurate predictions and people believe on him.

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