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Medical Astrology

Significance of Medical Astrology

Significance of Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is a science which helps forecasting diseases through someone’s birth chart. It provides proper solutions so that there should be minimum effect of diseases on human body. Every planet governs a specific human body part. Strength and weakness of corresponding body parts are dependent on auspicious and inauspicious planetary effects of stars according to their ruling effects on different body parts. E g. Strong position of Mercury would result in healthy and beautiful skin and the weaker one leads to skin disorders, problem in pancreas, eczema etc.

Practitioner of this science is known as ‘Medical Astrologer’ who holds a vast knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and morphology and is well aware with fundamentals of human body parts divided under twelve houses of natal chart. One best practiced ‘Medical Astrologer’ has the capability to forecast the effect of the diseases along with exact timing and their proper solutions in advance to stay protected. Impact of the forecasted chronic diseases can be reduced to minimum after following the recommended Vedic solutions.

Few Chronic diseases, which have no solutions even in medical science, can be cured with the help of ‘Medical Astrology’. This science helps finding the proper root cause of the problem after thorough studying someone’s natal chart which plays an important role in curing such uncurable disorder. Solutions can be in the form of Gemstones, Rudraksha, Color therapy, Performing Yagyas, Ayurvedic medicines, Vastu etc.

To sum up, it is advised to approach someone who you can trust and the one recommended by someone who is benefitted. Above all, faith matters a lot in whatever one look forward to.

Hippocrates (460BC – 380 BC), Father of Medicine, stated, “He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool”

In Medical Astrology Characteristics are given for houses/signs and planets, in connection to health of a person.
Houses and Signs
Aries – head, kidneys migraine, indigestion, kidney stones, stomach

Taurus – tonsillitis, sore throats, anemia, backache, color blindness, abnormal breathing, croup, influenza, hay fever, ear disorders, knee problems, heart disease from eating rich foods, hemorrhoids, adenoids

Gemini – colds, coughs, anxiety disorder, insomnia, nervous exhaustion, hay fever

Cancer – diabetes, chronicle kidney disease, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease

Leo – heart-related issues, pericarditis, rheumatic heart disease, jaundice, eye
problems, fevers

Virgo –  stomach ailments, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, eating disorders

Libra – kidney disease, uremia, polyuria, renal calculi, edema, lower back pain, lumbago

Scorpio – cystitis, and diseases of the urinary tract, and venereal infections, skin eruptions on the genitals

Sagittarius – high blood pressure, liver disorder and most often suffer from cirrhosis, arteries, blood, hips, liver, thighs., hardening of the arteries also known as Atherosclerosis, diseases affecting coronary arteries.

Aquarius – nervous disorders, varicose veins, hypertension and heart problems, cramps, allergies, .

Capricorn – rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, stiff joints, orthopedic problems, gallbladder, spleen, bones, skin, and teeth

Pisces – bunions, bone spurs and heal bruising/ pain, forgetfulness, Swelling, allergic reaction to drugs, psychosomatic illness.

Medical Astrology Consultation Report

Medical Astrology and Planets

Sun – sun-stroke, heart eyes, blood circulation, spinal cord, right eye in males and left eye in females.

Moon – pneumonia, cold breast related diseases, kidneys, stomach, and uterus related problems, mania, motions, left eye in males, right eye in females.

Mars – nose, forehead, muscles, male reproductive organs, piles, hemorrhage, injuries, burns, cuts, fevers, accidents, electric shock, suicidal tendencies.

Mercury – nerves, digestive system, lungs, speech related problems, mouth, tongue, hands, epilepsy.

Jupiter – obesity, liver, diabetes, blood vessels, right ear, thigh, buttocks, problems due to excess-eating.

Venus – genetical disorders, azoospermia, throat, neck, cheeks, skin, venereal diseases and reproductive organs.

Saturn – week bones weakness, bony appearance, teeth, knees, joints, rheumatism, chronic diseases, asthma, lung-related diseases, tuberculosis, and skin-related diseases.

Rahu –  poisoning, Rahu is considered as equal to Saturn in Vedic astrology. rahu gives leprosy, cancer, diseases to spleen, snake bite, bite of poisonous insects and creatures.

Ketu – blood Pressure, Ketu is considered as equal to mars in Vedic astrology. ketu gives hypertension, lunacy, allergies and infectious diseases. It would be difficult to diagnose disease by medical equipment if Ketu involves.

One can consult with our Medical Astrologer Prashant Kapoor to get their health analysis report along with solutions.



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