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Putra Kameshti Yagam

Putrakameshti is an exceptional Yagna which is carried out in Hinduism for the reason of possessing a son. Putrakameshti Yagam is a distinctive Homa that possesses its own individual position in Hinduism. Putrakameshti Yagna is also performed by the husband and wife who wants for a boy child or descendant of the family. Lord Vishnu is the idol of this Yagam.

Who does it?

This particular Holy Homa should be undertaken by those deserving couples who are struggling to become parents or facing unnecessary hindrance in parenthood. Nonetheless, before doing the same they should consult an astrologer and a skilled priest who must administer the whole procedure.

Benefits of Putra Kameshti Yagam

  • Because Lord Vishnu is the main deity of this sacred ceremony, the pair gets His favour or protection after performing this Homa.
  • Though, blessings of Lord Vishnu appear as a reward of a hale and hearty baby for the couple.
  • Furthermore, the positive energy that appears from the results of chanting hymns in the incitement of the fourth chakra of our body is Anahatha.
  •  The awakening of this Chakra makes certain a strong connection between partners.
  • This arousal of this Chakra also relieves the couple from anxiety and reinstates their harmony of mind which leads to the procedure of childbirth.
  • Moreover, it also imbibes fine qualities and accomplishment in the infant which is to be born.
  • This Yagna also clears the hindrances in childbirth like infertility issue etc.
  • In addition, it also saves the couple of any negative consequences arising from the unwanted placement of planets in the horoscope chart.

Procedure Of Putra Kameshti Homa

Putrakameshti is a unique Yagam that is productive only when organized according to appropriate guiding principles.

  • This Homa is the holy ceremony that is conducted  in order to summon the blessings of the Lord Vishnu and other Goddesses through the involvement of the fire.
  • For Putrakameshti Yagna, the couple call for the Ultimate maker of the world, who is, Lord Vishnu.
  • It is necessary to chant the Purusha Suktam mentioned in Rig Veda, to get blessings from Lord Vishnu.
  • Chanting of these hymns  are associated with the customary rituals of the Homam.
  • For the proper material requisitions of this Yagna it is necessary to consult an expert or astrologer who can guide on its procedure.
  • This Homa can be done indoors provided you have open space or outdoor provided the place is clean and properly organized for Homa.


What is the best time for doing Putra Kameshti Yagna

Wednesdays and Thursdays are reasonably favourable for conducting the Homam. However, one should always consult an astrologer who can study the positioning of your planets in your birth chart. You should take guidance from the specialist astrologer on the underlying reasons for not being able to conceive. He will direct you for this Yagna; give you supervision on the procedure, conducive time for the Homa.

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