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Camphor Lamp Yantra

A specially created device for reducing mental stress and depressions by creating good health, energy, prosperity and purifying the environment.

Particularly design and empowered device for removing negative, ill-health creating energies and purifying the environment. The brass dish at the top holds purifying camphor, while the bottom copper vessel holds and burns oil (Sesame, Mustard, Til task, Ghee etc.)

The spiral wick-holder has been adjusted in height to keep the flame at optimum level below the camphor. If needed, the wick and flame height is adjusted by increasing/ decreasing the working flame height by adjusting the height of the spiral wick holder so that the flame is just below the top camphor-containing receptacle

Where there is a lot of negative depression/stress energy in the atmosphere, the special design of the device captures and burns it. This can be seen as an accumulation of black carbonized material that accumulates below the camphor receptacle in a typical ‘bee-hive’ type of structure. As the atmosphere in the area purifies (over a few days), one will find the bee-hive structure appears infrequently, even if the flame is very close to the camphor receptacle. This is evidence that the bee-hive does not grow because of incomplete combustion as one may be led to think.

The ‘bee-hive’ structure will appear from time to time depending on the environmental energy condition. Where there is a major accumulation or negative mental-emotional energy, the odor of evaporating camphor is significantly reduced or even absent. As the atmosphere cleans up, a strong camphor smell returns. You will experience this feedback through the Grandmaster’s specially empowered “Camphor Lamp”.

Avoid touching the black carbonized residue directly. After removing any usable camphor from the receptacle and reserving for future use, wash the receptacle in running water and clean with a good detergent. Dry off and use as before.

It is recommended using the pure natural medicinal grade camphor and not the common camphor which is available in the market. (Along with the lamp appropriate camphor is also supplied).
The Camphor Lamp comes along with special spiral wick-holder, spare wicks and camphor.
Why do we light a lamp, burn camphor and perform Aarti?

Having worshipped the Lord with love, lit by the lamp we see the beauty of the Lord in all his glory. The singing, clapping is associated with the joy that accompanies the vision of the Lord.

Aarti being performed with Camphor has a spiritual significance. Camphor burns itself out completely without leaving a trace. Camphor represents our Vasanas, unmanifest desires. So also if we were to take refuge in the Lord, obtain knowledge, these desires will get burnt out. Al though the camphor burns itself out, it emits a nice perfume. On a human plane it means that we should sacrifice ourselves to serve society, in the process spread the perfume of love and happiness to all.

We close our eyes while performing the Aarti as if to look within. The Self or Atman is within us. . Self realization can be achieved by knowing thyself, with the flame of knowledge. At the end of the aarti we place the hands over the flame and touch our eyes and top of the head. It means that may the light that illumined the Lord light up my vision, may my thoughts be pure and beautiful.

With the Aarti comes the flame which signifies light. There can be light in our lives only if we have knowledge. In an era of darkness there would be ignorance, we would be perpetually running to fulfill our vasanas resulting in unhappiness and stress all around.

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