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Yellow Sapphire-Peela Pukhraj Ceylone

Yellow Sapphire - Peela Pukhraaj Ceylon

Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Ceylonese Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj gemstone belongs to the family corundum (Aluminum oxide) and slight traces of iron, which imparts beautiful yellow hue to this gemstone. It is found in igneous rocks. A natural yellow  sapphire gemstone is found in sediments or rock formation. Ceylonese Yellow Sapphire’s are also used in industrial or decorative use. The cost of natural ceylon yellow sapphire depends upon color, cut, clarity, size and overall quality. A beautiful cut Yellow Sapphire is mostly highly-priced as compared to other sapphires in the market. Yellow sapphires are also used in non-ornamental applications that include infrared optical components. It has a brilliant sparkle, and if viewed from different angle it imparts different color. Ceylon Yellow sapphire is shaped in different forms, like cushion cut, octahedral, square, and hexagonal and so on.

Called as “Pukhraaj” In Hindi and “Pushraja” in Sanskrit, Yellow sapphire gemstone has a brilliant yellow color, which is similar to the color of the sunset. Deep yellow golden color is considered the best color in Yellow sapphire. Sapphires are the hardest stone next to diamonds and are used in range of industrial application also. Of course, it is used in the jewelry making-with necklace, beads, rings and bands.

Significance of Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Yellow sapphire gemstone denotes the planet “Jupiter”. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. A Jupiter is rightly called as Guru (teacher) in Hindu Mythology. Ceyloni Yellow sapphire stone has a great positive power of Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire gemstone brings prosperity to the wearer and it is one of the safest gemstone. Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Gemstone increases financial status of the person and is also considered auspicious for bringing luck, prosperity, peace and divine grace.

The Yellow Sapphire /Peela Pukhraaj is also associated with marriage and fertility in woman. It is very auspicious for unmarried woman and man. Peela Pukhraaj helps to attain stability in married life and decreases conflict and brings harmonious life. It is very helpful for the unmarried girl because Yellow sapphire gemstone represents the husband in a girl’s chart and gives all joyful bliss. It also unites separated lovers and brings happiness, joy and pleasure in one’s life. Peela Pukhraaj gemstone attracts wealth, so mostly it is kept in cash box to attract good luck. In physical aspect, it removes thyroid and throat problems.

Astrologically Ceylon Yellow Sapphire rules Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac sign. It can also be benefit according to the position of Jupiter in one’s horoscope.

Indian name-Pukhraaj
Color-Yellow, Golden, White, Green, Red, Pink, Orange, Purple, Violet, Colorless and found in more than 28 combinations of colors.
Cosmic color-Yellow
Hardness-9 Mohs scale

Source of Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Gemstone
Yellow sapphires or Peela Pukhraaj  are mostly found in Madagascar and Tanzania. It is also found in India. You can get best quality of this stone from Sri Lanka.

Career and Profession

Gold Business | Teaching | Ministers | Religious work | Justice | PhD | Trade | Law
Ceylon yellow sapphire  is one of the most beneficial gemstones for the person involved in academic, authors, creative persons and businessman. It brings prosperity and expansion.

Benefits of Natural Yellow sapphire Gemstone

Medically, it is very effective in the treatment of obesity, all stomach related diseases, jaundice, dyspepsia, kidneys, pancreas ailments, and tumors. Skin trouble, cerebral congestion and blood circulation is also treated effectively by this precious gemstone.

We at Astrokapoor offer natural and certified gemstones of excellent quality. Each gemstone is passed from various tests by the team of our own gemologist and finally certified by government approved laboratories and best quality is picked for our clients. You can directly buy natural Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraaj gemstones from our online store by sending us your details and requirements. We offer best competitive rates to our clients. Kindly provide your requirement filling up the given form. Ceylon yellow sapphire price in India varies according to the quality and mine. You can also opt for Ceylon yellow sapphire engagement ring. We provide yellow sapphire with certificate.

Method of wearing Yellow Sapphire / Peela Pukhraaj Gemstone
Yellow sapphire stone is a precious gemstone. It should be cleaned softly with soap and water and should be worn on the ring finger or left arm embedded in silver, gold or bronze on a suitable day, after consulting a Vedic astrologer.

Identification of Original Yellow sapphire Gemstone before buying
Color-Often golden yellow but varies
Mohs scale hardness-9.0
Crystal habit-Massive and Granular
Appearance-Bright transparent when polished, often small or larger cloudy piece

The Six Key Steps in Examining a Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Stone
Whenever possible, examine stones unmounted.
Make sure the gem is clean.
Hold the unmounted stone so that your fingers touch only the girdle.

Vedic mantra for wearing
“Om Guruvey namah”

Please note that all Gems are already energized (Pran Pratishtha) before sending to our clients by special Pundits and Purohits having in-depth knowledge of Vedas.
An auspicious day and Nakshatra is chosen.
A Matt is placed with its face towards East, North or North east while performing Pooja.
Yellow cloth, Bengal gram, Marigold flowers, kheer made of jaggery and Moong dhal is used.
Yellow cloth before deity is placed and Grams are put on it.
The yellow sapphire gemstone is washed with holy Gangajal, applied KumKum and sandal and is placed on the thaal.
An incense stick is lighted in front of the ceylon yellow sapphire gemstone and mantra is enchanted along with marigold flowers in according to the concerned gemstone.
After that name of the client, date of birth and place of birth is enchanted by our special pundits and Purohits to energize the gemstone.
The eyes are closed and the mantra is enchanted as per the Gemstones. In Yellow sapphire stone, it’s enchanted 16,000 times.
This completes the procedure known as “Pran Pratishtha” of Gemstone. This procedure creates a live energy within the Gemstone.
Kheer made of jaggery is offered to the deity and gram is donated.
After the above procedure is completed the Gemstone is ready to be dispatched to you.

One can also consult with our Vedic Astrology experts for Vedic Gemstone Recommendation

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