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5 Mukhi Rudraksha Rosary

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Rudraksha bead of five mukhi is the most common bead. A five Mukhi Rudraksha bead has five faces or mukhi on the surface. It has five natural lines from head to bottom. Five mukhi Rudraksha bead rosaries is blessed by Lord Shiva, as it is the most lovable bead of Lord Shiva.
Five mukhi is blessed by the five forms of Lord Shiva – Saddyojat, Tatpurush, Aghor, Vamdev and Isshan. Five mukhi rosaries have got immense healing power. 5 mukhi rosary is associated with learning, development, and developing own’s uniqueness. 5 mukhi Rudraksha bead is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Enchanting five mukhi Rudraksha rosaries can bring immense benefit to the person.
According to the scriptures and purans, it is the form of Rudra named kalagni, which represents Lord Shiva himself. The wearer of five mukhi Rudraksha rosary gains health and peace. Five faced Rudraksha wearer never get untimely death. If Jupiter is malefic in the birth chart, it causes obstacle in the personal growth and development in all spheres of life. Five Mukhi is therefore prescribed to remove the malefic effect of the Jupiter. Five Mukhi Rudraksha like Agni purifies one’s soul. It rectifies all the sins and faults done by the Jeeva. Five mukhi Rudraksha rosary also keeps the blood pressure normal.
The fear of untimely death after wearing 5 Mukhi rosaries. If the beads of 5 Mukhi is dipped in water overnight and then drank in the morning, then it removes the blood pressure related illness.

Significance of Five Mukhi Rudraksha Rosaries

It increases the intellectual power of the person.
It removes the malefic effect of Jupiter.
It brings wisdom and intellect.
This rosary is extensively used for enchanting mantras.


Five Mukhi Rudraksha Rosary brings intellect and makes one intelligent.
It is recommended for the students who are in competitive examination.
It is useful for the singers and public speakers.
It is beneficial for the students, teachers, writers and journalists.

Healing Effect

Provide relief in Asthma and cure other respiratory problems.
It removes depression, timidity, self disposition and enhances creativity.
Helps to cure malfunctioning of thyroid gland.
It helps to cure the eye sight and problems related to the eye problems.

Other Details

Symbol – Lord Shiva
Ruling Planet – Jupiter
Ruling Deity – Lord Shiva
Day of wearing – Monday
Properties – It removes the sins committed by the wearer.
Experience – It avoid accidental death.

Who should wear five Mukhi Rudraksha Rosary?

Person who wants to attain spiritual attainment and peace in life can wear this spiritual bead. It removes the negative energy from life and brings happiness and prosperity.

Mantra for wearing

“Om Hreem Namah”
“Om Hreem Hroom”

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