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The gemstone Andalusite has very distinctive and attractive multicolor gems. This gem has three different colors depending on its angel and the gem’s cut. Sometimes, Andalusites can even depict multiple colors. The stone has got its name from the Spanish province of Andalusia, where it was first discovered. Andalusite converts into a most useful stone when it is worn in combination with natural diamonds and citrine. However, by wearing the stone, the user becomes wise, gives up unnecessary  fighting in life and takes less stress and starts their journey on the path of love. With Andalusite, people perceive that with unproductive continuous inner  fighting, and live a peaceful and blissful life.

Importance of Andalusite

Andalusite is the semi-precious gemstone that promotes the desire for self-realization, helping one to rebalance and re-align. This stone helps the wearer in discovering the core of problems and emotional blockages and finds out their  possible solution. It is also a protection stone which helps the wearer to save himself from evil outside world.  It is a powerful healing stone, which supports the balance between the aspirations and desires. This stone has a cosmic effect on reflecting the inner self of an individual through its positive energies. By wearing this stone people understand the real nature of life, become wise enough to use their wisdom and find out the reasons underlying all the evil thoughts and acts of life.

Benefits and Effects

Andalusite stone is an exceptional stone that controls the wearer’s central nervous system, helping them in curing uncontrollable movements. This stone synchronizes entire muscles and nerve movement and helps in restoring the entire physical movement.

Andalusite contains anti-inflammatory qualities, which supports the user in minimizing the pains related to arthritis, gout, and rheumatism. It is an outstanding stone for connective tissues and skin.This healing stone is also used in diminishing fevers and promotes a restful sleep for the wearer. Therefore, andalusite proved to be one of the powerful healing stones. Andalusite crystals denote self-reliance, which makes the wearer independent . Will power and balance of life are some of the aspects which can be provided with this precious stone.

Andalusite works calmly and helps the wearer to analyze his or her inner characters without being biased. With this stone, the wearer will be able to realize different facets of a problem. It has powerful protective and creative energies, which allows the wearer to balance their problem with practicality.

Andalusite is considered to be the stone that is helpful for meditation and concentration. It helps the wearer in maintaining a spiritual perspective during a critical time, and encourages him to see the positivity of the environment.


Origin – Andalusite was discovered first time in Spanish province of Andalusia, from where the name Andalusite has come to existence

Birthstone Month- August

Ruling Planet – Venus

Profession-  Teacher, lawyer, practitioner, government officials, politicians.

Significance – Andalusite is not a very common gemstone, but it has immense spiritual powers. It makes people self composed, organize and manage any situation of life with wisdom.

It discovers the truth both about yourself – your strengths and weaknesses – and helping you see other people for what they really are, either the good or the bad.

With its protective power, it gives users relief from daily stress of life, which eases depression and helps them to restore a sense of equilibrium and harmony in life.

Color- Green, yellowish-green, brown, pink, colourless

Species – Aluminum Silicate

Density – 3.05 – 3.20

Jewellery Metal – Both silver and gold.

Wearing day – It can be wore any day of the week

Caution- To get the benefit of the healing properties of andalusite, then it should be worn directly on the skin or held in a hand. Do not keep your gem loose, unprotected it may bring several scratches and marks on it, which in turn can diminish its power or the quality of protection. Always keep your gemstones in soft individual cloth bags, and clean them with warm soapy water and gently wipe dry. It is always necessary to take the guidance of an expert astrologer before wearing this gemstone

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