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Kunzite stone got its name after a famous gemologist George Frederick Kunz. This particular stone has a beautiful pink color and it  is becoming increasingly famous in the  market of gemstone. Kunzite is a fascinating stone, filtered in energy and cheerful in nature. The palest pink which has a light violet tone, it is a Stone of feelings and emotions, opening and associating  the heart to the mind and giving rise to  a healing affinity between the two. Kunzite motivates one to free the boundaries created  around the heart for protection, and to be responsive  to the situation  of unconditional and bountiful love.

Why should I wear?

Pink Kunzite is a stone which is  often known as the Woman’s Stone. It is particularly helpful for a  woman who is experiencing the state of motherhood for the first time. It is a suggestive  stone for sleepless babies,  aggressive and hyper  children, and is an excellent stone for girls entering the stage of puberty or adolescence   where the stone helps them to accept  their new development.

Kunzite is  also a stone for children who are facing  a difficult  time in  adjusting to the challenges of everyday life. Its modest pink beam  brings solace, and clears any halcyon shadows that may have piled on from negative circumstances or situations in life. It is also a helpful stone for star kids as it helps them to adjust and accept ups and downs in life.

Kunzite helps to cure problems related to heartache over loss of a person or things from existing life. It also helps in overcoming the pain of heartbreak after loss of a relationship from life.

The calming  power of Kunzite eases nervousness during the time of assessment, interview  and also is useful in scenarios where one cannot express irritation. In the workplace Kunzite plays the role of a defensive stone when seniors bring personal dislikes or disharmony in work, or uses  teasing or sexual torment as a power play.

As a travel stone, Lilac Kunzite protects against road accidents and stress while driving. It increases the concentration of a driver while driving his vehicle.

When you carry Lilac Kunzite while visiting areas where negative incidents have taken place, it empowers you with the sixth sense and is especially safeguards against harmful elements.

Benefits & Effect

Kunzite is helpful in curing hormone-linked migraines, the reproductive functions in women, adolescence  in girls, premenstrual syndrome, and other problems related to menstrual systems. It is also used to cure skin breakout caused by sensitivity to chemicals, and in decreasing  the consequence of anesthesia. Kunzite improves our cardiovascular system and the cardiac infarction, and is favourable in curing neuralgia,  epilepsy and treats  joint pain. Kunzite increases the medicaments of depression and psychiatric disharmony, and helps us in recovering from emotional anxiety. It is  also seen to be used in radionic investigation.

Kunzite is a strong mender of the emotional body, particularly for those who are suffering from depression and actually has disconnected himself from every happiness of life. Its high- spirit energy enables a person to let go of any kind of phobia and sadness, and inspires one to connect himself with the present situation in the perfection of the time. It encourages the free declaration of feelings, healing the mind and body, and being always enthusiastic to accept the opportunities that life has is offering one.

The pink color energy of kunzite triggers the heart chakra and links it with the light violet spirit of the mind- the crown chakra. The Crown Chakra is situated at the pinnacle of the head, and is our gateway which connects our body and mind with the cosmos . It has a strong influence on  how we think, and how we reciprocate to the world surrounding us. It is the origin of our beliefs and starting point of our spirituality. This productive transmission between mind and heart generates a strong state of  peace touching the inner core of one’s life, and is experienced as eternal joy in thoughts and feelings.


Origin – California, Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar

Birthstone month – Pink Kunzite – October 22 – November 20. Pale violet kunzite – December 21- January 19

Ruling planet – Pluto and Jupitor

Profession – Businessman, people who work in office, travellers, housewives or working women who are pregnant.

Significance – Kunzite is helpful for those people who are facing problems connecting with others. It is also supported in forgetting painful memories of a loss and heals the broken heart. It also helps to restore trust and respect for our neighbours, loved ones and friends and also maintains innocence in a person.  Kunzite grows tolerance for oneself, as well as sympathy for others. It encourages modesty and an eagerness to serve.

Kunzite is a defensive stone, eliminates negativity, and raises a protection  around the aura against negative entities and outside impact. It provides a centralizing impact in all situations, encouraging  one to remain cool and composed, even in the midst of gatherings.

Kunzite brings the high spirit that develops  commitment, determination and caring. Its beautiful color soothes  feelings of annoyance or resentment, and can help in the process to meditate and reflect. Pink is the shade of fresh love, new charm and new relationships. It increases the growth of  sensuality, and can help to get rid of heartache, helping in the enhancement of our caring and loving abilities.

Color- Kunzite is found in pink to violet shades.

Density – 3.15 – 3.21

Species- Manganese

Jewellery metal- Gold, silver.

Wearing day- Thursday and Tuesday

Caution – Do not decide on your own which shades of Kunzite to wear. Consult an astrologer to get the proper guidance. Always keep the stone away from heat and strong light. Never wear your finger ring made out of kunzite stone while cooking or working in the kitchen. While cleaning the stone do not use strong detergent and use mild shampoo or soap diluted in the water. Keep it away from heavy materials so that your precious stone does not get damaged.

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