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Eudialyte, a unique stone whose name has  derived from the Greek phrase which means “well decomposable”.It is commonly  found within the rough grained rocks and carry minerals like  calcium, cerium, iron, sodium, zirconium, manganese and yttrium. As a water and earth component, Eudialyte’s vivacity assists to balance one’s  emotions with external experiences. Eudialyte produces life energy, self love, and safeguard to those who work with it and has a powerful  impression on the emotional frame of mind. It unlocks our wisdom of the heart, guides us how we can work on ourselves to cure  and harmonise the emotions. Eudialyte is a mighty guide for plunging  into the heart as it authorizes  one to handle depression and discontentment and helps us  to find the underlying reasons for these feelings. It transcends the mind from that of negativity, fear, guilt, anger, and sorrow to that of positive mind, happiness. This motivates us which helps us to  focus on work, ourselves and learn from our errors.  Eudialyte brings  immense changes of the inner self and is also mostly necessary  during crisis  time in one’s life.

Why should I wear ?

Eudialyte has a deep interrelation with the soul  and is able to teach  us the purpose in each one in life. When we do meditation or sleep by wearing Eudialyte, it gives the purpose of meeting so many people in our life and their essential contribution in making our life better. It helps us to realize and sense all evil forces in advance. It eliminates all negative energy from our environment.  The usage of this stone also helps to balance high libido functions in its users.

The vibrations of Eudialyte are ideal  for eliminating the feelings of enmity , bitterness, and strong grudge, allowing one to strengthen self esteem to get rid of these negative feelings. Eudialyte  is also very favourable  for those  who feel no meaning to life or  “lost” and don’t know what they strive for or what path tobe taken in life. It helps in recognizing our blessings  and aptitude as well as and how to express them properly  so that  we can build a pathway to a fulfilling and cherishing life. Physically, this stone assists  the optical nerves, brain signals, and cells on a complex level.


It’s vigour helps to clear hindrances to creativity and will help you to permit your inherent talents to flow as they were meant to.The high vibration of this stone assists you to learn from your own errors and helps you to bring balance between peace and self.

It’s vibration has an outstanding healing action within the body at the level of the nervous system.and may help you if you are feeling a lack of energy.

Feelings such as hatred, guilt or jealousy will convert into positive energy. The high spirit of this stone gives rise to a feeling of conviction in your capabilities, and a sense of inventiveness to restructure and improvement in your personal circumstances.

It is said to improve nervous system disarray, including multiple sclerosis,Alzheimer’s, lupus and Parkinson’s disease,

It has a beneficial  vibration that will help to uplift feelings of depression and negativity. It will help to coordinate your brain signals, and help you to release negative emotions that may be keeping you from feeling happy and  satisfied with your possession in life.


Origin – South-West Greenland.

Birthstone month –  June

Ruling planet – Moon

Profession- Any profession

Significance –Eudialyte has evolved from the nickname of “The stone of the heartland” due to its relation  to the zest of unquestioning love and its potential to begin with these energies  through positive thoughts, affection , and manifestations. Eudialyte gives one with the energy to ensure not only our primary needs are met but also the love energy which is  necessary to fulfill the heart’s desires are also encountered.It is a stone that helps to achieve a  balance between physical and emotional needs so that one may experience harmony in life.  Eudialyte energetically connects the heart and root together, opening a new path to increased conformity that builds the gap between what must be done and what one’s heart wants to do. It is a powerful tool that combines  one’s dreams and inspirations to life.

Color – Brown, magenta, red, also yellow and blue.

Density – 2.74 – 3.10

Species – Silicate mineral

Jewellery metal – Silver, copper

Wearing day- Wednesday

Caution – While wearing a gem, ensure that it is not covered with dirt. The bottom part of rings  and lockets covered with gems should be open. When you wear different gemstones together always consult an astrologer for further suggestions. Never wear fake gems given by anyone, always judge its authenticity from an astrologer. Wash your gem with lukewarm water and do not rub it harshly.

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