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Celestobarite is one of the most beautiful and fascinating yet not known by many people. It is a highly productive stone that can rejuvenate the body physically and spiritually. Celestobarite is known to be a magical harbinger that makes it easier for you to understand and get the actual vision of things. It is also seen  that with the help of this  stone you can realize answers to things which are vague to you. One of its most  revitalizing properties is its capacity  to help its users  take an enlightened  decision. It is a multi faceted stone, one which aids to discover as well as helps to understand the manifold surface of one’s being. Known as a protective stone, it is known to assist  work on many facets of life.  It helps a person to harmonize with his soul. It helps us to cut across all the barriers and bring a harmony between  physical necessities and fights of everyday living. Furthermore, it brings synchronization of all  the physical elements through soothing and sweet energy.

Why should I wear?

Celestobarite is a stone that is very useful in increasing attention span and concentration of its wearer. Thus it is a beneficial stone for students, teenagers, and also those people who work as top officials.

It is an extraordinary stone which facilitates to clear all the misconception and malfunctioning of the mind, clears blockages or hurdles that creates a barrier stone for a person to achieve his desired goal. Its energy stimulates the understanding of underlying issues of a problem or stumbling block.

The stone has a high vibration that helps a person to realize his negative sides, ego,Jealousy and aids him to reconstruct himself and his inner being. This inner transformation makes an individual in harmony with his surroundings.

This mesmerizing appearing stone stimulates one’s personal power. Its vigour endows courage to people to work and face a situation without fear. Its wearers learns nothing comes on way they should not stop and work hard or fight hard, positively to conquer a forbidden situation

Benefits & Effects

Celestobarite is beneficial both for the intellect and for our memory too. It revives our vision, soothes  the stomach, calms down the sense organs and cures  strep throats. It assists  us when we need to detoxicate  or to clean toxins from the body. This particular stone also  helps us when we are ailing from prolonged fatigue and also assists us in further improvement  from addictions.

Celestobarite is a very inspiring stone, appropriate for cleaning and reallocating the entire energy channel of our entire anatomical system, and one which gives us the motivation  to realize and accomplish our dreams without restraint. It ventilates negative  and confined emotions,  obsessions and fear that may have been subdued for a very long while, and in the process of  clearing these negative energies. It  allows us to obtain  personal freedom for ourselves. When we use Barite we no longer have to depend on other peoples for any of our necessity. We do not have to follow the ideas of others, as we become more self dependent and positive in our outlook. We can overcome our state of introvertness, become more organised and focus on  our mental capacities better and express our own mind without fear.. Barite also enhances friendliness, joy and love and helps us to perceive our limits and boundaries. It also  gives  us  the opportunity to have a better perception into any relationships we may be in.

 As a magical stone, Celestobarite assists to bring harmony in thought. The stone is well known  to act as a preserver or as a steering  light. It is also a stone that constantly reminds us that nothing in life is mortal and remains the same. And change is inevitable in this world.

 Its properties are known to be thoughtful  in establishing stability, determination, and joy into life. Its spiritual  properties also include the ability to assist  people to make decisions diligently  and wisely.This stone also strengthens our digestive system and contributes towards better health.

Detail Of the Gemstone

Origin – Australia, Poland, USA, England, Denmark.

Birthstone month – December

Ruling planet- Mars

Profession- Artists, writers, teachers, lawyers, painters, govt. officials


Celestobarite is known to widen the mind and understand the truth of the world better. As a healing stone, it helps keep the mind secure  and yet strong. It helps in releasing anxiety and stress in a purposeful way, without getting annoyed or anxious about the situation. It enhances the wisdom of a person, under which can take or give meaningful decisions.

 By helping in uniting the body and mind, it allows a wearer to comprehend any  situation wisely that otherwise may seem to be hard. The stone assists  a person to  take a firm  determination which can change the way we perceive our life, function and acknowledge our outside environment.

Barite helps us in relating to the soaring direction  and in using its high vibrating  energies for use in treating. It encourages us to  dream and also helps us to connect the dream with reality.When meditating with Barite it helps us to connect with our sixth sense and help us to open our third eye or power of intuition.  It helps us to communicate articulately or intellectually in a public or private gathering.  Barite helps us to understand what should be our own spiritual purpose in this earthly world, how we can accomplish  that purpose.

Color – Orange, cream and coral color.

Density – 4.48 – 4.50 g/cm3

Species – Celestite and Barite

Jewellery metal – Silver and copper

Wearing day- Tuesday

Caution – Like all other gems, this stone needs special care and handling too. One must consult an astrologer before wearing the specific stone. Never wear it when you are going out for jogging, running or any physical activity. Wrap it with a soft cloth when you have taken out the gem from your body. Do not keep it near an infant.

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