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Shattuckite Azurite

Shattuckite Azurite

Shattuckite is a copper silicate hydroxide alloy that forms in masses, fibres, and aciculated crystalline. Its name came after the famous mine in Arizona –  Shattuck Mine. This stone is often available  in mixture  with a variety of other ores.. This stone assists you to harmonize yourself with the mystical power, and also helps you to throw back  the wisdom of Spirit in your communication with others.. The high force  of this stone is connected with the heart chakra  which helps you to cherish your life from deep within the heart, expressing  the truth from your heart. It gives a person a positive energy of living one’s  life from a heart based standpoint. Sometimes when we live our life happily it brings true meaning of happiness among us.. It helps you to express  what you have heard from your intuition, psychic mind, and also encourage the courage to speak the truth. With help of this particular stone people are able to perceive the underlying truth of life, can convince other people in this area, and himself leads a life of harmony and peace.

Why should I wear?

This is a powerful psychic stone, and assists you if you are emphasising  on ventilating your negative energy out , and want to improve your potentiality  to express the ideas, thoughts as they come through from deep inner mind.

It has a massive strength that makes it different from other stones, and  it stimulates your potentiality of awakening other dormant senses. This enables a person to do sensory interpretation of the finest observation that they can do in their day to day life.

This stone has a strong spiritual gift in a person’s life and which has been well known through the centuries, and is very helpful to improve and polish the psychic gifts to make more understanding of the information coming through various channels.

One who wears this stone experiences harmony and peace in family life, shares good and best relations with his loved ones. The stone is also helpful for teenagers as it keeps them grounded and in contact with the reality of life.

As this stone has a strong connection with throat chakra, it cures cold, cough and any other upper respiratory problems.

Benefits & Effects

The stone of Shattuckite cures diseases related to  spleen, clear blockages in vein or arteries and helps in treating damaged blood vessels , it also assists in the therapy of tonsillitis and proceeds as a natural stimulant  for the body.

It is also helpful for a person who is suffering from long illness, of paralysed body, arthritis, and other limbs and organs defects. Those who suffer from acute problems of acidity, stomach disorders, are always guided to wear a particular stone. It is also helpful for a person who is suffering from depression.

The stone Shattuckite is also helpful for those people who suffer from continuous migraine issues, headache, nose – bleeding.  This stone also cures gum and tooth related problems and cures calcium deficiency in the body. It also prevents decaying bones and teeth.

The darker cobalt Blue Shattuckite stones also improve your insightful capacities. They are also magnificent  to use for the purpose of meditation to polish psychic aspect of a person  as they function within the third eye chakra.

The lighter shades of blue have a fascinating  energy, and they function well within one’s throat chakra, and the green stones function in connection  with the heart chakra.


Origin – Greece, Germany, South Africa, Argentina, Great Britain

Birthstone month- December, January

Ruling planet- Venus

Profession – Lawyer, speaker, teacher, counsellor, politician,

Significance- Shattuckite is a stone of sixth sense, and psychic capabilities. This copper silicate presents  clarity of the heart, mind and throat, fabricating an ever strong association that allows one to express and  speak the ultimate truths. Wearers of this stone can communicate easily and are also  able to communicate directly from the heart without the fear of damaging people’s sentiment by harsh words.  After wearing this stone, one feels harmony  with their body. mind, and soul, almost feeling a sense of complete harmony with his entire soul.  Your all senses will become polished and a new beginning will be there where your capacity to feel and understand will enhance. This will give rise to a live condition where there will be  happiness and intuitiveness leading to an unending state of  inner peace.  This stone is not only known to  bring the capacity of receiving more lofty messages, but also improve the capacity of  understanding of current ones. The communication capabilities of Shattuckite helps people to speak in a public gathering with immense confidence. This also helps when one is putting his efforts to decode what certain messages and symbols implies, and how it has connection with their present life.

Color – Different shades of blue

Density- 3.8 g/cm3

Species – Silicates

Jewellery metal- Silver, copper metal.

Wearing day- Friday

Caution – Always wear the stones on the day suggested by an astrologer. Clean your stones with soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water. Do not wear any other stone with shattuckite, always consult an astrologer for having perfect knowledge about the stones that you can wear in combination with Shattuckite.

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