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Violet Sapphire

Violet Sapphire

Violet Sapphires are, in fact, entirely exceptional and far more scarce than other commonly found blue sapphires. Unlike other color sapphire stones which need to be broiled in order to get their best color exhibit, natural purple sapphires hardly  require the process of broiling. Violet Sapphire brings the enlightenment of spiritual awakening. Its gentle vigour helps to diminish the needless anxiety  of the world and unlock the Crown Chakra, which is  the source of our divinity. It encourages us to acknowledge  the bonds between all that breath on the planet Earth and creates a harmony among them. It commences a sense of calmness and oneness, and is an outstanding tool to meditation. Violet Sapphire also increases insightful and psychic development, and has been well known to direct a path through the chakras. So Violet Sapphire, mostly the paler shades, acts as a  supreme  enlightened  leadership and honesty in merchandising dealings. Thus, this stone is absolutely favourable for business women and female entrepreneurs.

Why should I wear?

When you place a Purple Sapphire in the home or in a money box, it  attracts prosperity and also increases earnings. It is beneficial if even only a piece of this stone is touching our body.  It not only helps in bringing financial fortune, but in demonstrating any vision one wishes to perceive.

Sapphire is extraordinary for calming and concentrating the mind, giving a chance to free the mental tension and undesirable thoughts. It encourages opening the gateway of the  mind and connecting to beauty and intuition, establishing peace and joy, as it maintains a  balance within the body.

It is also considered to be a  professional support stone, and also Sapphire provides  realization of higher ideals in historians and  in archeologists , develops the mind and wisdom in executives, writers and ministers and increases sensitivity  and good judgment in journalists and lawyers.

Sapphire, especially in paler purple shades, is a symbol of intelligent and honest leadership, and a good stone for startups female  entrepreneurs who wish to achieve success without compromising honesty. It is also a perfect  tool for anyone needing help  in executing  their ideas into reality and who need a high frequency of energy to bring things into proper shape through  completion.

Because of its hardness (second only to Diamond),purple Sapphires are used in industrial administration , scientific tools, permanent  windows, and enclosing  substrates for special purposes.

Benefits & Effect

Sapphire calms hyperactive physical systems and helps in ruling  of the glands. It is helpful in treating disorders in the blood circulation system and prevents excessive blood – flow; it strengthens our central nervous system and increases its flexibility.

Violet Sapphire is especially appeased to those who are emotionally imbalanced, helping to get rid of  excessive stress and fears, and to restore balance in life. It helps in relating oneself  to others and the existing world  and in finding one’s relation with the surrounding and environment.

Sapphires of any color, especially purple shade ones are useful  treating  crystals for those with docility, and also for those who  are afraid of mixing with other people  or speaking out, or who have low self -esteem. They also give support in pursuing the childhood aspiration or ambition that seems at times almost impossible.

Violet Sapphire triggers the crown chakra  situated at the top of the head. It is our entrance  to the colossus universe which is beyond our physical existence  and supervises how we think and how we reciprocate  to the world existing around us. It is the source  of our beliefs and the beginning of all  our spirituality. It joins us to the higher states of existence and is the starting point  of universal vigour and truth. When the brain function is in balance, our entire life is in balance. We can realize our connection with this entire cosmos and see things as they are. We are no longer defeated by our setbacks, failures in life realizing the fact that success and failure are an essential part of life.  Light violet crystals treat the imbalance of our crown chakra properly. Violet rays are known to possess the universal vital force of dreams, magic, destiny and inspiration.



Birthstone month – April -20 to May 20

Ruling planet- Venus

Profession- Executive, minister, writer, historian, archaeologist, entrepreneurs.

Significance – Violet Sapphire is a stone of uprising of mind and intellect. It enhances  one’s spiritual power and sagacity or intelligence, bringing affluence and giving helping hand  to retain the gifts of life. It reflects light to flow  and radiate its energy in accomplishing vision  and willingness of the consciousness, even without a conscious attempt. Purple or Violet Sapphire is also well  known as a “stone of awakening”. As a stone of wealth, Sapphire retains  life force and drags joy and peace. Sapphire helps to align our mind to beauty and sixth sense. Sapphire is a stone of intellect, and each of its colors contains its own innate vigour vibration and information.

Color – Various shades of bluish purple to purplish pink.

Species- Aluminium Oxide

Jewellery metal- Gold and silver

Wearing day-  Friday

Caution – Sapphires can be cleansed at home with lukewarm water and a plash of any type of liquid dishwasher  or cleaning agent  that has cleaning ability but at the same time not harsh.. Avoid using any cleaning agent that has lubricant touch, caustic  or anti-static agents, as they will leave a mark and scratch on the metal. Scrub softly with a soft toothbrush and wash well.


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