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Moss Agate

Moss agate

The term “Agate” is usually used for stones with a stripy design. Moss Agate typically upgrades the insight of all senses, as well as the brain cell’s  activity. It has stable enduring force and grounding preparedness that  incorporates spiritual properties that are familiar to help in achieving prosperity and revitalize creativity.

The high force of this stone leads the way for strength and fearlessness, and assists to diminish the fear and anxiety and may help you to entice nature’s force and has a magnificent quality that aids individuals to correct variation  between the left and right aligns of the brain.

This helps you to move ahead in your life with better focus and balance conviction.. It has a strong connection with heart chakra, which strengthens a person’s emotional aspect and makes him courageous.

The force that Moss Agate incorporates can help you to work on your  intentions and move ahead in a positive direction, as the stone intensifies the energy that you put into particular certain defined circumstances. It is a powerful  stone for all the people who want to improve their creativity, as it clears obstructions and also mitigate fear that these hurdles may have generated.

Why should I wear?

All colors of Moss Agate including the green crystals, is highly productive if you have been suffering from certain ailments for a longer period of time as it heals your sufferings and pain. If you are stressed and tired, its spirit will bring you strength and fearlessness, as it will help to lessen fear and anxiety..

It also assists to explicit and widens power within individuals and works well in amalgamation with the golden stones for this matter.

It is particularly helpful for gardeners to initiate more harvests from what they plant. Lovely Moss Agate bowls are also made from this stone and they are quite common.

Moss Agate also gives a person a helping hand  to alleviate rooted anxiety and depression, extending persons’ own space and area of development. It beautifies the self-image of an individual and secures his positive traits of character, which includes the ability of the person to socialize with others.

Benefits & Effects

Moss Agate accelerates recovery from illness. It is anti-inflammatory, clears the cardiovascular  and supervise elimination systems, and improves the defense system of our entire body. It assists the childbirth process  by reducing pain and resulting in a good and healthy delivery. Moss Agate improves problems related to acidity, allergy and parchedness, treats inflammation, colds and flu, and drops fever. As a rescuing  aid for the skin, Moss Agate also upgrades fungal disease, skin related problems and other irritations. It also illuminates our senses as well as the sensorium activity of the entire body.

 It also helps the person to overcome the stage of  depression caused by left-right brain disharmony. The particular stone also enhances intellectual function by increasing  awareness, and structured  capabilities. Moss Agate has also the anesthetic capacity  that helps the person to cure  several diseases as much as possible.

It helps and removes  all toxins within the body. Agate is also seen to lessen the symptoms of epilepsy, and also , for some other people, it safeguards them against somnambulation. In addition to this, Moss Agate stabilizes  inner peace, and courage to the emotional side and brings a state of joy and happiness.

Moss Agate also brings prosperity in life. It creates a condition for people to work hard , earn more money and get well settled in one’s life. This is a very good stone for those who are in business, as wearing Moss Agate gives you the wisdom to invest wisely and with appropriate calculations.


Origin – India,USA, Russia, Australia

Birthstone month – September

Ruling planet – Moon

Profession – Gardener, botanist, farmer, lawyer, housewives or working ladies.

Significance – Moss Agate is a stone of new startups or new era. It  rejuvenates  the soul and helps  you to see beauty in all you observe.  Moss Agate decreases susceptibility  to weather and environmental toxins.  It welcomes wealth in abundance and improves self- respect. It increases strength and the capacity to mix and socialize with others. The particular stone stimulates  new ideas after periods of sluggishness.  Moss Agate encourages the courage to express oneself and also to communicate effectively. It harmonizes the emotions, releasing stress and fear. It   brings trust and hope in a person.  It helps a person to overcome  depression caused by brain disparity. Furthermore  it is useful for those people  who witness  severe mood swings and become aggressive on minor issues in their day to day life. It also calms hasty tempers, encourages tolerance,and inner peace.

Color – Yellow, brown, blue, red, green.

Density – 2.60 – 2.64 g/cm3

Species – Manganese and iron oxide

Jewellery metal – Silver, gold and you can make bracelets with beads and this particular stone.

Wearing day – Wednesday

Caution – Moss Agate is best in its use when you wear it with gold. Always consult an astrologer before wearing this particular stone. Always purify the stone before wearing. Like other stone never handle Moss harshly, there will be a chance of stone damage. Always take it out before going out for some laborious exercise. Keep it away and safe from children.


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