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Lemon Quartz

Lemon quartz

The Gemstone

Lemon Quartz gemstone is believed to nourish the intelligence and thereby accelerates the awareness and processing of outer conviction. By using the stone a person is able to understand the reason for certain things faster. Thus, particularly in circumstances where a prompt response is essential, Lemon Quartz aids to act quickly and keep track.

It also enhances our valour and our self-assurance and brings us superior happiness in life. To do so, this particular stone stimulates the capacity to show and effectively put across ourselves to other individuals or in public gatherings. Lemon Quartz is considered as an essential protecting gemstone in love, business, and relationships and, in broad, in risky activities. It also keeps us cheerful, motivates our temperament and help us to defeat miserable and comfortless feelings. It can also assist us to unlock ourselves more to new situations and experiences in our lives. It is said to have a remedial, or healing promoting result in insulin-dependent diabetes. It is also said to function as a motivating effect on the complete digestive structure. It improves the functioning of the pancreas and stomach. The Lemon Quartz gemstone assists you to accomplish achievement in love relations and provides you power to concentrate on problems you have been encountering with your associate.

Why should I wear

The Lemon Quartz has an enthusiasm for life. It aids to get rid of gloominess more effortlessly and promotes expressiveness. Mentally, this particular stone also help us to course all recorded impersonation. It encourages the power of logical argument and helps to realize the same in the scenario of fast closures. Even regarding physical disorders such as loss of appetite, skin inflammation, diabetes, sciatica inflammation, immune deficiency, sciatica runny nose, whooping cough, metabolic diseases, and weather sensitivity, this particular gemstone can have an encouraging effect. For these physical diseases, the Lemon Quartz gemstone is either worn out on the body parts or positioned on the high – flown area. Lemon Quartz stone motivates authority over unconstructive thoughts and helps in liberating the mind from stress and worries. It is also considered to bring out all the positive persona of the users. It intensifies opinions and facts which in turn support clearness of ideas and focus. It is assumed that Lemon Quartz stone has the capability to assist equilibrium and fortify communication to persuade more clearness and contentment in conversation.

Benefits or Effects

The gemstone of Lemon quartz supports the working of the spleen; this gemstone has a valuable power. In addition to this it is able to exercise a fortification effect on swelling of the joint and skin. This particular stone is also very supportive for patients with uterine inflammation. Since it is also blood circulation improving stone, the mineral involved in it generally has a positive effect on our life form.

This stone also helps people with flaky and dry skin, where it also has a comforting result. Lemon Quartz also helps us to strengthen our nervous system and its functioning and aids us to lessen anxiety. The Lemon Quartz stone assists you to attain emotional constancy. Its energy has an encouraging effect on your lifestyle, turning you into more positive, as well as serving you to make limits to guard your emotional wellbeing and preserve this condition of mind.  This stone will bring positive and healthy force within yourself and make you sense encouraged which basically develops self-assurance. It will also aid you to bond your relationships strong with the best persons for you. It draws and attracts positive energies towards you, makes you more focused and hardworking. This is why is it recognized as the “Money gemstone”. Many people have experienced that simply by wearing, it draws financial affluence. Lemon Quartz also reduces the feelings of remorse, annoyance and aggravation, with the help of cleansing blocks and balancing forces within the delicate bodies and atmosphere. It also gives us transparency of thought, which builds up personal interactions and uplifts emotional stability.  Lemon quartz is supposed to strain out interruptions, improves focus and widens memory. It is also supposed to lessen nervousness, brings prosperity or help in times of requirements, and reduce un-constructiveness.


Origin- Argentina, Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Burma, Russia, Spain, and France .

Birthstone month – May and June

Ruling planet– Mercury

Profession – Lawyers, craftsman, painters and other professions as suggested by an astrologer.

Significance- As a realm or gemstone Lemon Quartz can as well be utilized for meditation. Religiously, a Lemon Quartz gemstone is worn to encourage independence, bravery and self-confidence. It makes desire or positive force intensified for variation in opportunities, fresh experiences and self-understanding. Lemon quartz stone is said to approve the users with the virtues of cheerfulness, welfare and creativeness, in addition to all the usual merits of Lemon quartz. It is believed to help in profound meditation and increase concentration on individual goals. Moreover it assists the mind to find lucidity and a brilliant point of view.  It defends individuals against supernatural attacks, make your impression stronger, cleanse yourself, advance determination and essential power and last but not least, amplify your power and interest. It stimulates and balances all powers. It is a part of the quartz family, so it rules in healing all diseases. It strengthens our internal health and boosts our bodily welfare and is recognized as the “anti-illness” gemstone. It intensifies and increases the powers needed for us to converse and to commune our truth and communicate our opinion and identify reasons for advances feeling;

Colour- Bright yellow to green

Species- Iron hydroxide

Density – 2.65 g/cm3

Jewellery metal – Gold and silver

Wearing day– Wednesday

Caution – It is essential to make spotless your Lemon Quartz ornaments regularly as if it assembles filth, the gemstone loses its glow and efficiency. Soak the gemstone in warm foamy water for a half hour. Polish it gently with a spongy brush and remember not to wipe with any rough thing and use any cleanser or chemical. After drying it and cover the gemstone with a smooth cloth. Do take recommendations from an astrologer before wearing Lemon Quartz.

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