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Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline is one of the rare and precious gemstone in the world. Paraiba Tourmaline was discovered in Brazil in the year 1980 in the state of Paraiba. Paraiba is one of the sought after gems in the world. Paraiba Tourmaline was discovered by Heitor Barbosa. Heiter Barbosa used to work in the mines where he found a very rare tourmaline. This gemstone was having unique vivid green blue color which was never seen before. Paraiba Tourmaline glows with a neon, even in the rough stone. Top specimen of this gemstone was sold in the year 1990 fetching $3000 per carat. Paraiba Tourmaline is always found in size smaller than the normal tourmaline gemstone. It has high proportion of copper which imparts beautiful blue, green and turquoise color. This is an internationally colored gemstone.

Paraiba Tourmaline Gemology
Color – Blue, Green and Turquoise
Hardness – 7 to 7.5 on the Moh’s scale
Cleavage – Indistinct
Luster – Vitreous
Crystal Structure – Hexagonal
Density – 2.82 to 3.2

Paraiba Tourmaline Source
Paraiba Tourmaline is mostly found in Brazil Natural and Certified Paraiba can be obtained from Brazil. But now it is readily available in other countries also.

Metaphysical Properties
Paraiba Tourmaline is the birthstone for the people born in the month of October. It is the loveliest stone for Libras and Scorpios. This tourmaline varies in appearance like other tourmaline, but it show brilliancy due to the neon effect of copper. It has magical and mystical powers. This unique turquoise blue gemstone gives connection with the divine soul.

Healing Properties of Paraiba Tourmaline
It has immense healing power. This international colored gemstone heals the respiratory system. Due to its beautiful soothing color, it is used for balancing the mental power. If you are suffering from any depression and worries then Paraiba Tourmaline can do wonder by using it as jewelry in an earrings.
Paraiba Tourmaline can bring unconscious mind to the conscious level. It creates a wave of desire and accomplishment. Wearing Paraiba tourmaline can also enhance the beauty of a person.

Paraiba Tourmaline Value
Color – Paraiba Tourmaline is brightly bluish greenish color due to the presence of trace amount of copper in it.
Clarity – It is transparent to translucent. It exhibit beautiful striking light waves due to the presence of neon effect.
Cut and Shape – Paraiba Tourmaline is mainly cut in rectangular or bar shapes. Before buying Paraiba, clarity of the gemstone should be taken into consideration.
Treatment – Paraiba Tourmaline is not treated.

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