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Spectrolite Cat’s Eye

Spectrolite Cats Eye

Certified Spectrolite Cat’s Eye
Spectrolite is a name given to a very rare variety of Labradorite. It is a member of the feldspar group. Labradorite is known for its excellent iridescence. Spectrolite Cat’s eye is known for its beautiful iridescent colors. This gemstone is found in violet, blue, and green in color. But a very rare variety of orange and yellow color is also found. It has a hardness of 8.4 in the Moh’s scale. The extraction of Spectrolite cat’s eye began after Second World War eye. In 1973, its first extraction began in the city Ylama.
Spectrolite Cat’s eye is highly effective for balancing the ill placed Ketu in the birth chart of a person. It brings lasting happiness in the life of the wearer. If gridded around the home, it prevents crime and other ill effect near the house.

Origin: Spectrolite Cat’s Eye is commonly found in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Tanzania, Russia and Burma.

Identifying Spectrolite Cat’s Eye
This stone can be identified by unique crystalline structure on the surface. It has a orthorhombic crystal structure, which give Spectrolite Cat’s Eye a beautiful blue and violet color. It has huge amount of iron present in it, due to the mineral chromium. By spectroscopic analysis, this stone can be easily identified in a bright light.

Why Semi Precious stone Spectrolite Cat’s Eye
Spectrolite Cat’s Eye can be used to enhance the optimism and positivity in the life of the wearer. Black or tumbled Spectrolite can be used against the black magic and ill eye. Semiprecious gems are cheaper than the precious stone. These are very soothing and can be worn, even if you don’t have any birth chart. These heal the mind and body and balance all the chakras of the body.

Spectrolite Cat’s Eye clarity and luster
It is often found in translucent to opaque in appearance. But most of the gems may not be transparent. But the reduced level of transparency never affects the quality of the gem.

Spectrolite Cat’s Eye is a stone of self control and discipline. It enhances the desire for excellence and increases the concentration. It brings peace of mind and reduces the gap between the physical and the spiritual world. It carries warm and strong healing energies. It heals the crown chakra of the body. It increases self esteem and self worth. It imparts the strength to be calm in a negative situation.

Spectrolite helpful in Career and Profession
This stone is highly efficient to propel ill placed Ketu. It is very beneficial for the student, who wants to be in the engineering and technical field. It is highly effective for the people who are in public domain and administrators. This stone calms the overactive mind and releases tension and negative thoughts.
This stone is highly effective for the engineers, doctors, medical practitioners, scientist, and teachers.

Gems Therapy | Medical Astrology
Spectrolite Cat’s Eye heals the nervous system and circulatory system. It is an excellent gemstone for the patient of depression. It fortifies the body natural resistance. It also dissolves the kidney stone and hardened tissue. It stimulates the adrenal glands and heals the circulatory system.
Since ancient time, this stone is used to fight against the evil spirit. It was used by the sailors as a talisman, to prevent themselves from accidents and mishaps.

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