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Thulit is a naturally pink appearance of Zoisite, also famous as Rosaline. No two thulite stones are exactly similar, and each piece’s natural color grades ranging from pastel pink to vibrant fuchsia. The positive vigour that the thulite has, actually links to the heart and third eye simultaneously. This just means that you will have a heart-focused attention, as well as a more loving and caring opinion in life. Moreover, the spirit of thulite, together with the spirits of fluorite, may help in seeing the higher frame of reference of the emotional experiences in life.

Why should we wear ?

This particular stone may bring a cheerful and sparkling energy to the emotional body. It will also help in overcoming  the negative emotions and perceptions that you have. This stone may also stimulate you in being more compassionate and accepting in all your relations, in miscellaneous circumstances, which you may find yourself surrounding in, as well as in your personal and professional associations.

Moreover, it is also the best stone to wear if you are an artist or speak in front of many people on a day to day basis. This stone will motivate you extroversion, oratory, and showmanship. Furthermore, when you are fills with the vivacity of thulite, you may encourage some other people with your convincing power, and you will find it much more comfortable to construct relationships with each other.

Benefits & Effects

Thulite is known to be the owner of a positive effect on the life force energies, as well as have a powerful healing scope to both heal and revitalize the body. The healing qualities of thulite may help in certifying that the organs are properly functioning. It’s also necessary in curing gastric upsets and improving calcium deficiencies.

Thulite also helps in enhancing the problem-solving skills that you have. This stone will motivate you in finding and solving your problems in a creative way. It will also shield  you against dishonest and corrupt people. Again, it will also magnify  your own creativity that may help you in discovering fresh ideas and concepts, which may be beneficial for you.

Thulite may uplift you in working for self satisfaction and peace in life, as well as to charge your relationship with gaiety and joy. The energies of it may also manifest the meaning of unrestricted  love.


Origin – Sauland in  Telemark, Norway.

Birthstone month – April and May

Ruling planet – Venus and Mercury

Profession – public speaker, politicians, teachers, leaders of an organisation, lawyers, artists/performers

Significance – Working to unfurl affection from the inside out, Thulite smoothly reminds us that we should respect, love and care for our near and dear ones.  This beautiful  stone is believed to be extremely soothing and healing to those people  who have been victims of  abuse, neglect and sexual knock by asserting that they were not at fault for their agony, and suffering, misery, rage and sadness. The strong sense of sympathy it brings us can motivate us to eliminate  low self-confidence and self-hatred, and assist us to realize that we are exceptional and deserve to get love and respect. With the help of Thulite’s calming nature, we are able to get rid of the pains of our past and move ahead with empathy for ourselves and others fellow members.

Thulite motivates us to put love into exertion  with cheerful and charismatic force. When you accept life with the determination to extend compassion and steady love, those positive objectives  will spread to those who can feel and acknowledge your love and deeds. Thulite enlightens us with a simple but meaningful message: Love is contagious, and has its positive connotation.

Color – various shades of  Pink

Species – Zoisite

Density – 3.09 – 3.30 (g/cm3)

Jewellery Metal – Mostly silver

Wearing day – Tuesday

Caution – Thulite is very delicate and subject to knocks and scratches so it has to be preserved very well both while wearing it and taking it out. To avoid impairment to the stone, take off thulite jewellery during your engagement of other activities like  sports or other physical activities. When storing your thulite jewellery or ornament ,  keep it  away from harder objects or wrap the  jewellery items  in a piece of cloth for extra support and protection. When you clean your thulite handle it with caution and  use only luke warm soapy water with light detergent without chemicals and a soft piece of cloth. Do not ever use stronger detergents and rough brushes as they can harm the stone.

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