Ayurvedic Treatment of Migraine
Migraine is a primary headache disorder, which reoccurs in frequent intervals of time. Ayurveda can completely cure primary headache disorders, but it needs prolonged medication. In Ayurveda, this condition is called as ‘sooryavarta’. Soorya means sun and varta means blockage. This term is used in Ayurveda because the headache gets worsened during sunrise, peak during noon, and subsides in the evening. However, in some cases, it may not be true and it depends on person to person. Symptoms may vary according to the body types and habits.

While there is no cure for migraines, but In Medical Astrology, We are having treatment.

Migraine is caused by the excessive stimulation of brain and blood vessel and the headache associated with migraine is one sided accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light”.

Cause of Migraine as per Ayurveda
Several causes are associated with this grave headache. According to Ayurveda, proper life style is essential for negating the onset of any physical problems. Let us look the cause that can cause migraine.
· Consumption of polluted food
· Anger, jealousy, grief and stress
· Indigestion
· Suppression of nature call
· Exposure to sunshine for prolonged period
· Intake of dry, salty and pungent food
· Allergic and allergic reactions
· Smoking or exposure to smoke
· Tension headache
· Medication such as sleeping tablets
· Hormonal trigger such as Pre menstrual symptoms

Origin of Migraine according to Ayurveda
One of the main causative factors of migraine according to Ayurveda is due to the Pitta Dosha. Excessive accumulation of Pitta Dosha obstructs the flow of vata Dosha in brain that causes throbbing pain. In case of Sooryavarta, it is dominating because Pitta is at the peak during afternoon.

Symptoms of Migraine
· Throbbing pain increased during physical activity
· Feeling sick
· Increased sensitivity to light, usually confined to one side
· Sweating due to temperature changes, tummy ache and diarrhea
Ayurvedic Therapies for Migraine
There are several Ayurvedic herbs proven useful or the treatment of Migraine. Some of the main remedies are –
· Shirolepa – This is herbal paste and if applied on the head reduces the Pitta Dosha
· Shiro Dhara – This is pouring of thin stream of liquid on the head
· Tail Dhara remedies with oils like Ksheerbala oil, Chandanadi taila
· Kavara graham – Oil pulling with mahanarayana taila and chandanadi taila
· Sneha nyasa – Instillation of medicated oils on the nostrils
Ayurvedic tablets for Migraine
Some of the main Ayurvedic remedies useful in migraine are:
a) Pathyadi Kadha – It is used in the treatment of headache, earache and pain in the temporal region
b) Bhoonimbadi Khadaha – Used in fever, cold, sinusitis and headache
c) Godanti Bhasma – If 250 mg of this medicine is twice given it may give relief from migraine within 20 to 30 minutes.

· Migraine and Pranayama – In many cases holding the breath during Pranayama may cause ths ituation worse for the migraine patient.
· Migraine in women – Migraine is seen in the women-nearing menopause or in the elderly women.

Which Planets Responsible for Headache –

According to Vedic Astrology, Mars and Moon are responsible for headache related issues. If any of these planets are weak or placed badly in anyone’s chart, the person feels some health issues. It can be due to the changing weather that negatively affects our body and gives rise to Headache and other severe diseases.

Moon: If you are having stress, then the person can feel headache , tension, overthinking. This planet is also responsible for weakening the nerve cells of the brain. so, the person feels a headache cause

Mars: Cluster headaches are due to Mars i.e working too much, or even by external factors such as weather changes or internal formation of gas in the stomach.

Sun: Planet is responsible for causing Migraine. If a headache occurs for many days continuously it can result in Migraine. It affects the sensitivity of smell, headache due to sunlight, belly pain or even fever.

Migraines headache is the troublesome health problems usually seen in the cities and in the people with unhealthy life style. Some people suffer from this due to hereditary conditions. In other cases junk food, irregular food habit may cause migraine. Therefore, Ayurveda insists on a proper and a healthy life style. If you are looking for a complete cure of Migraine then you may contact Mr Prashant Kapoor. He is a medical astrologer and treats migraine based on astrological position of planets and Ayurveda.

Astrological Reasons for Headache –

  • The coexistence of Mars or Moon with any malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn this combination is also responsible for headache problems.
  • any weak planet during Mahadasa, it also gives headache and affects our nervous system
  • If the Moon or Mars gets placed in malefic houses,it also causes headache
  • Migraine can also occur if someone has done black magic or evil activity on you.
  • If lord of ascendent is weak, then the person faces some diseases, like pain in head or migraine

Astrological Remedies for Headache – 

Now Here are some remedies for each Planet – 

For Moon

  • Daily Meditation in the morning daily.
  • Wear White sapphire gemstone or Diamond
  • Drink water with silver glass
  • Fasting on Tuesdays is most important
  • Sleeping in “Shav Ashan” at the time of headache helps to reduce the pain.

For Mars:

  • Place 2 cloves under your pillow every night before sleeping
  • Neem tree planting is good for the mars planet.
  • Red Coral gemstone is very effective if someone wear.
  • Fasting on Thursdays
  • Kalaunji is very beneficial for headaches. Take Kalaunji, raisins and Anjeer. And Add lukewarm milk and water and drink it for 7 days, also applying kalaunji oil on the forehead is also helpful.

For Sun:

  • Surya Namaskar in the morning is highly recommended
  • Red or orange please the planet Sun, so please wear these colored cloths
  • Always take proper food during all day, empty stomach creates gas and give headache
  • Ruby Gemstone is very important
  • Offer water to rising Sun

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