How will be my married Life


How will be my married Life
Know how will be your married life with movements of birth planets & planets in transit
Predict the nature & future of your married life with elaborate report on each planet on the basis of exact degree of calculations of stars, its indications & movements.

Know whether your marriage will be love or arranged, forecasting on the basis of exact degree of calculation of stars using all Natal chart, Moon chart. Navmansha chart, complete shodashvarga etc.
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In your Astrology-report, you will get to know:
a. Description & details of planets affecting your horoscope; Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu.
b. Combinations & Yogas of all benefic & malefic planets like Sun-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn-Mars-Mercury & their impact on your married life.
c. Nature of your married life impacted by planets situated in relevant houses & based on their timely movement.
d. Astrological remedies including lucky gemstone recommendation to cure evil & unhappiness from your married life.
e. Remedies/Solutions for contended & happy married life.

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