20 Vastu Tips For Your Home

20 Vastu Tips For Your Home

20 Vastu Tips For Your Home
1) Try to keep your valuble in the North West part of your house to avoid excessive spending.

2) If you’re working on a laptop or on the computer, then try to surround yourself with green color and plants.

3) Brahmasthan is the power zone of your house. Allow the space there to be open and unobstructed for continuous flow of energy.

4) Keep light yellow color of the wall of office because it mentally stimulates and at the same time do not distract from work.

5) Don’t keep mirror near your child’s study table because it may obstructs his or her concentration.

6) Always park your car on North West part of your home.

7) Mirrors should be placed on the North of eastern wall.

8) Throw away damaged devices from your home to avoid any negative energies.

9) Avoid facing S or W while sitting on your desk.

10) Don’t keep shoes under your work/study table.

11) Cook while facing east.

12) Try to use red color in bedroom for increasing passion.

13) Keeping rose quartz in the room can heal relationship.

14) The land used for building house should be clean from bones, trashes and toxic waste materials.

15) Have altar on eastern side of the house or room.

16) Face E while working as it may bring good positive energy.

17) Land on which house is built should be elevated in S, SW or W area.

18) Keep herbs and medicines on NE side of your home.

19) Incorporate yellow and green color in your home.

20) Avoid keeping mirror near your child’s study table.

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