Astrological Benefits of Pearl Stone

Astrological Benefits of Pearl Stone

Benefits of Pearl/Moti

Pearl is the gemstone associated with Moon. If there is a beneficial aspect of Moon in a horoscope then you must wear Pearl. Moon is a planet which reflects human mind. Pear is highly useful in maintaining the stability of the mind. One can have a very good relationship with the mother on wearing Pearl. Wearing Pearl/Moti increases self-confidence and self-esteem. It is highly useful in the treatment of dementia. Dementia is a disease caused due to the evil moon. It can be clearly analyzed in a horoscope.
Moon has a huge connection with the children. Because of starting a life of newborn in a lunar horoscope depends upon the auspicious and inauspicious Moon. When Moon is in bad influence in the child horoscope, then BalrishthaYog is formed in the birth chart. The child with this yoga suffers from poor health and difficulties due to afflicted Moon.

Who should wear Pearl/Moti

A person who belongs to Scorpio ascendant and Pisces ascendant should wear Pearl. It is also beneficial for the Cancer sun sign.
Pearl/Moti is beneficial if Moon is debilitated in the birth chart. It should be worn during the mahadasha and antardasha of Moon.

What are the Astrological benefits of Pearl Stone/Moti

Pearl increase facial luster.
It increases memory power.
It brings harmony between husband and wife.
It also brings good fortune.
It increases the power of Moon, which are softness, sympathy, charming eyes, and lovely eyes.
It cures insomnia.
It removes anger, mental conflict and irritation.
It removes ill effects of Moon.
It is good for increasing mental capacity.
It removes depression and mental tension.
Pear stone is recommended for the person, who is short tempered.
It cures the throat trouble, and dysentery caused by afflicted Moon.
It can be worn along with the other stones for health-related issues.
It brings good fortune.

Caution: Nowadays, it is difficult to find Natural Pearl. Only one percent of the Pearls are natural. Most of the Pearl found in the market is made in the lab. Always buy a natural and certified Pearl.

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