Atacamite Information

Atacamite Information

Atacamite Gemstone

Atacamite is a semiprecious gemstone, which is found in the United States, Australia, Mexico, and Chile. Atacamite is a tiny crystal in appearance, which resembles Chrysocolla. It is a newly discovered crystal and its properties are yet to be found. It is sometimes confused with gem Chrysocolla and may share some properties with this crystal.

Atacamite gemstone forcefully opens the third eye. It has a very strong spiritual connection. It is a stone of great clarity. Atacamite is widely used in meditation.

Atacamite Gemstone Benefits

Atacamite restores lost spiritual trust. It promotes connection to higher guidance. It is a very useful stone during the journey. It works willingly to open the heart chakra. It stimulates the thymus gland and immune system functioning.

Atacamite Gemstone in Gems Therapy

Atacamite Gemstone is used in gem therapy to cure severe health-related problems. It purifies the kidney and the circulatory system. It removes fear at all levels. It can be used to heal endocrine glands. Atacamite heals venereal and sexual diseases.
Atacamite is excellent for healing thyroid gland. It opens the throat chakra and removes the blockages.
It increases self-expression which lies behind hypothyroidism. Its green color is beneficial for the nervous system. It overcomes stress and depression.

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