Best Birthstone for May

Best Birthstone for May

The month of May is adorable

The month of May is brilliant period for its blissful weather and soothing windy days. The time is good for agriculture and also for outing.

Which birthstone is the best for May born people?

The birthstone for people born in May is beautiful green Emerald.

About Emerald

This green stone comes under precious gemstone and just the perfect gem for indicating and celebrating this month. Emerald is loved for its soft green color and green ambience, and this beautiful gem, the emerald is mostly favored by the rich and famous to wear as statement pieces for big events.

Why is Emerald recommended?

Like many gemstones, this is the birthstone of May. It has variety of meanings and seen from different traditions, culture, and beliefs. According to mythology, the gem of Emerald is the gem of the goddess Venus, the womanhood goddess. It helps in the achievement of love, passion, sexual drive and togetherness. It has also been known that this beautiful green emerald is like beautiful shiny angel, has the power to cure even the incurable disease, and protect against evil forces.

History of Emerald being a lucky birthstone for May born

Emeralds, like the other beautiful gems, have been appreciated and loved for their beauty since antiquity. Emerald mines have existed in Egypt as early as in 300 BC, and these gorgeous, green gems, Emeralds were worn as jewellery in ancient Greece, Egypt and also Rome. Europeans were introduced to the beauty of these shiny, elegant, green emeralds in the 1500s when the Spanish people, the Spanish army had invaded South America to establish a rule, where the Incas used to wear and actually had worn and flaunted emeralds for hundreds of years. During that very same period, bright, green, and these beautiful emeralds were loved, and worn by the Mogul emperors of India like Shah Jahan, Akbar, etc, in forms of rings or amulets or in their crowns, believed that the gems were talismans, had some magical powers that offered the protection of the gods. This belief is still prevalent in India and a lot of people wear Emeralds based in their birth chart or birth month or the birth zodiac.

Why May? Why Emerald

May is the month of beautiful spring and has finally sprung, and we witness all the bright green blankets in the fields outside. The people born in May are often said to be wandering in search of beauty and love, and because this stone is from the goddess of love, Venus, it is perfect for the same. So, it’s only fitting the vibrant green emerald is May’s birthstone. People born in May must know that wearing emerald have brought them happiness and love in their lives. Emeralds have also bought change in their lives, and all of them are positive in nature.

Price of Emerald Gemstone

Best quality emerald is found between INR 1000 to INR 8000 per carat. Colombian emerald may fetch price between INR10, 000 per carat to INR20, 000 per carat. Next best category of emerald is Zambian emerald. It is found between INR 3000 to INR 8000 per carat.

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