Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz Gemstones
Topaz is a mellow, empathetic stone that directs energy to where it is needed most. It is a mixture of aluminum silicate, fluoride, and hydroxide ions. Topaz occurs not only in the transparent yellow, but also in yellowish brown, orange-brown, and pink colors, but popularly associated with but, but also in a very light to medium red in color, found naturally in fair supply. Topaz is a very hard material, not it is less durable and the natural blue topaz is very rare in nature, and it is mostly synthetic colored. Natural forms occur in slightly blue with yellowish rays. Blue Topaz Gemstone is one of the most affordable and most popular gemstones used as blue gemstones. It is the second most popular colored gemstone. The blue form closely represents the finest aquamarine, which is expensive today. It offers a very attractive and much more affordable alternative. Blue Topaz is an excellent stone for enhancing creativity. It heightens the ability of writers so, also called as writer’s stone.

Blue Topaz Gemstone Information
Cosmic color-Blue
Indian name-Blue Topaz
Chakra-Throat Chakra

Source of Blue Topaz gemstone
Blue Topaz is found in various parts of Brazil, and the United States. It is mined in Burma (In the Mogok region famous for rubies). It is also found in Namibia and Nigeria. There are different methods to produce this stone. The most widely used method is irradiation method and second one is electron bombardment in an accelerator. In the third method, topaz is exposed to fast neutrons in a nuclear reactor. This produces the dark hue stone, called as “London Blue”

Properties of Blue Topaz Gemstone
It has a definite, uniform sky-blue color, usually without any overtone. Often pale, it can be bright or very rarely an intense blue. It sometimes has slight gray or even greenish tinge. They are free from inclusions. The most common cut is the oval, with the crown and pavilion with lozenge –shaped faces. The value of Blue Topaz increases with intensity of color provided it is attractive.

Benefits of Blue Topaz Gemstone
The blue topaz gemstone is signifies planet Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system. It is known as the planet of growth, expansion, success, greatness and grandeur. By Wearing these gemstones helps to unblock the wearer throat chakra. It helps to attain wisdom, success and expansion in all spheres of life. Its electrifying nature magnetizes your whole being which means that you are charged. It has a strong influence on balancing nervous system and on the solar plexus. It lifts above the mundane, soars up into infinity reaching toward the goal of light. Blue Topaz is an excellent stone for enhancing creativity. It heightens the ability of writers, so also called as writer’s stone.

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