How Can Planetary Positions and Energies Affect Our Lives

How Can Planetary Positions and Energies Affect Our Lives

How can planetary positions and energies affect our lives?
There is an amazing synchronisation in this universe. Everything is perfectly timed, but due to our karmic amnesia, our conscious minds are not aware of it. For instance, the death of Andhra Pradesh chief minister YSR Reddy comes during a time when inimical planets Sun and Saturn were at loggerheads. This period has claimed several luminaries in the past, like India’s first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in May, 1964 and prime ministers Indira Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri in October, 1984 and January, 1966 respectively. While God has given us the power to improve upon our destiny, it’s the master plan that inspires life events. It is possible to change the course of destiny, but only through our karmas.

Astrology is based on the principle of karma. Probably that is why the path of good karma is more difficult to follow! Does the time you are born affect your destiny? Why are the lives of two people born at the same time not similar? The planetary positions at the time of birth lay our destiny path, where and when will face challenges, joys and happiness. Our birth time is actually the starting time of our journey on this earth, and is therefore important. The time of events (mahuratha) for the start of a journey, marriage, change of house or even a launch of a satellite becomes the birth time of that event. Planetary positions at the time of birth will reflect its course, progress, success or failure.

Even Ved Vyas, famous as the author of the ancient Vedas, was born at a time predetermined as auspicious by his father, the sage Parashar. However, even twins have different lives, simply because no two people have the same lines on their palms. Are there some astrology streams that are more effective than others? All astrological streams are self-sufficient and complete. Being older than history, astrology has suffered repeated attacks. Some ancient scriptures have been destroyed or taken away by invaders, but it is for the new generation of astrologers to try and fill these gaps.



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