Lal kitab remedies

Lal kitab remedies

Lal Kitab is a very popular set of 5 books written in traditional Urdu language on Hindu astrology and palmistry in 18th Century. Lal Kitab is a rare book written by the renowned astrologer, Rup Lal during the 18th century. It was published from Lahore in pre-partitioned India. This rare book was quite popular in India, Pakistan, Iran and many other countries. Shri Rup Lal, the original author of this book, was not only an astrologer of great repute but also a sage who could see through the veil of unknown future.
The most important part of the Lal Kitab is its remedies. The remedies described in the Lal Kitab are unique and remarkable. These remedies lessen the Karmic burden of the person and help to enhance the future.

Lal Kitab Salient Features
According to Lal KItab, these rhymes helps in analyzing and predicting various horoscopes during the astrological consultation.
Without medicines, diseases are curable,
But death is inevitable;
It is just the worldly account,
We do not claim Godhood.
These are the opening lines of this great book. This inter alia means that disease is curable by adopting the remedies suggested in this book, but there is no remedy against death; hence, the great astrologer does not claim to be God.

Lal Kitab Remedies
Lal Kitab remedies are very simple and can be performed easily. It doesn’t require the practice of any hard remedies, Yagyas, Havanas and other costly and impossible affairs. The measures followed in Lal Kitab are different from Yantras, mantras and Tantras which can adversely affect the person, if not followed properly. But, please note that the specific remedies does not exist in Lal Kitab, and one should always take proper consultation before starting any remedy.

For afflicted Jupiter, fasting on Thursday can help to make it positive. Watering Peepal plant and reciting Garuda Purana can also help.

To propitiate afflicted Sun, reciting harivarsha Purana is very useful. Throwing a copper coin in flowing water also helps to propel negative effect of Sun. A person should also keep the good moral character.

To proper afflicted Moon, keep fast on Monday and worship Lord Shiva. One can also donate white products as rice, milk, and silver to get the positive effect of the Moon.

Afflicted Mars can be propitiated by fasting on Tuesday and donating Sindoor to Lord Hanumaan. Throwing red substance like masoor, honey and red color in flowing water also helps to combat ill effects of Mars.

If Mercury is weak in a birth chart then flowing green substance in the water and dropping a copper coin with a hole in running water helps a lot.

To get the good and desirable result for Venus, always wear clean and perfumed clothes. Besides this fasting on Thursday and donating curd, Desi ghee and Camphor to places of worship also helps to get a positive result of Venus

If Rahu is ill placed in the birth chart and giving negative results, then a donation of Masoor Dal to the sweeper helps a lot.

Saturn calls for fasting. To propel ill effects of Saturn, distribute Mustrad Oil or Til Oil on Saturdays. Feeding dog and crows with a bread loaf dip in mustard oil help to get the desired positive result of Saturn.

Ketu can be propagated positively by keeping fast on Ganesh Chaturthi. Keeping a black and white pet dog gives good results for Ketu.

A word of Caution
There are numerous fake books in the name of Lal Kitab is available in the market, so before starting any remedy take proper consultation of an expert astrologer and a Lal Kitab reader. Get a detailed analysis of the remedies according to the horoscope. Consult our expert for the solution to your problems.

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