laws of karma

Laws of Karma

Karma is the result of the deeds done in the present and in our past life. Karma is not a bitch…..Having an extremely bad day and blaming Karma for all the bad deeds is not justified anywhere. Well, it is with every one, Karma is a punishment thrown to the people for their doings good and bad.

Karma comes back to you
However, karma is misunderstood and it has nothing to do with the religion and the culture. Karma simply means the ‘action’ in Sanskrit. There are many spiritual thinkers considers ‘Karma’ as equivalent to Newton’s law of motion, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Means, whatever we send to the universe i.e. negative thoughts, actions and words, it comes back to us.

Laws of Karma
Don’t ever think, Karma is a punishment. It is lessons that educate us that we can do better in life and we are responsible for everything we do, we say and think. We suffer because we choose the things for ourselves.

Law of Cause and Effect
What we sow, we reap. Well, this is the first law of karma. Therefore, the happiness we receive in our life, it is due to our good karma. We should be true to self and others. The universe definitely sends happiness in our way.

Law of Creation
The events in our life are due to the things we establish in our life. Whatever we do in life needs conscious effort to participate through and through to make it happen. We are one with our universe and whatever we choose, it gives inner consciousness. We should think positive and should keep a concrete goal in life, just see everything will work out.

Law of Humility
To accept is the other form of prayer. Acceptance is the main key and change is constant and it happens at any cost. It is best, if we adapt to change and evolve automatically. Change in the outlook of life is of utmost importance. If we concentrate on the positivity, we will be blessed with positive energy and if we will keep negative perspective towards life, that is all we get.

Law of Responsibility
If change is constant, we need to change and not the people in our surroundings. Nature doesn’t changes and we need to take the path of spirituality. We are in this world with only one thing – our physical self, thoughts and these are the two things, we can control properly. If we spread positivity around us it is obvious that we will attract positive energy towards us.

Law of Giving and Hospitality
We need to check what we do. If we help others with love, then nature rewards us in the same situation when we are in a hardship. If one is spiritual, he or she is far away from lust, anger and greediness. So we need to focus on the things we want to be.

Law of Change
Change is the universal law. If we check our deeds an change ourselves for the good then we can change our path and future.

Law of connection
Everything happens for a reason and even the smallest event in our life is due to the effect of the karma. Every little action is required whether we choose to see it or not. Our past, present and future are connected to each other.

Law of patience and reward
If we want reward we must preserve positivity and toil. For lasting reward we should cultivate patience, positivity, and hard work. This gives true satisfaction and happiness.

Karma is a way of life. It stresses on positivity, positive thinking, and positive actions and help to make one self-respected and solves the problems in one’s life.

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