Marital problems

Marital problems

Are you going through stress married life? Every day you are having an argument with your spouse? There is a difference of opinion between you and your spouse? You are happily married, but you fear of losing this good time? You wish to make your marital life a blend of love and happiness. Get detailed analysis by our expert astrologer at Astrokapoor.

Marriage is a sacred institution of commencement of mankind. Problem in the marriage causes both physical and mental stress. The commencement of marriage is the most important event in a person’s life. A successful marriage is of the utmost importance of mental peace and happiness. It is said that “Marriage is the most important decision in one’s life which brings 90% of happiness to one’s life”.

The house in front of the ascendant is allotted as the house of marriage. Whether a person will have marital problems or mental incompatibility is governed by the house of fortune and the house of marriage. Marital problems can cause stress and disturbed life. The various problems in the marriage which lead to an unhappy marital life are –
Spouse may be ill-tempered
The spouse may have no charm in physical relations.
The spouse may have bad health
The spouse may be short and ill-tempered.
Lack of mental compatibility
Delayed birth of a child.

If there is a problem in the marital life, then an expert astrologer should be consulted. For marital problems, the seventh house is checked. Lord of the 7th House and the Jupiter which is a natural benefactor for the female horoscope and as well as Venus the planet which is a KARAK planet of the 7th house. If any of these planets is a malefic, retrograde, combust and placed in a malefic sign then it can lead to serious marriage problems.
Certain Dosha like Kalsarpa Dosha, Grahan Yoga, Pitra Dosha are also considered a factor for marital problems. But these are all the general factors which can cause marital problems. It is essential to study individually detailed horoscope for marital problems.

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