Marriage report in astrology

Marriage Report In Astrology

What stars foretell for your marriage? When will it happen? Will it be a love marriage or arranged marriage? What will be the look, and type of partner you will marry? Will you get married in 2015? Get the detailed analysis of marriage report by our expert astrologer. It will give the complete insight into the future of your married life. We at Astrokapoor use different permutations and combinations to study the horoscope for prediction of your marriage. Astrokapoor can forecast marriage astrology predictions by date of birth also. If anyone like to know whether they would have a future love marriage then just get in touch with us for tele – conversation and complete marriage report on your email id.

Marriage Prospect
Marriage is the most important institution of life. People want to know each other before marriage. It is obvious that we want to know the appropriate age of marriage. If marriage is delayed by any reasons then people get worried and tense. A mutually happy marriage is seemingly a rarer joy.
In astrology marriage prospects is studied by the seventh house. The seventh house is graciously ruled by the diplomatic Libra. Libra is a cardinal sign. It is good at starting things and self – motivated. It is an airy sign, also good at communication and going along.Is your partner an airy sign, a fiery sign, an earthy sign, a water sign. These are the ascendants which are studied properly in comparison to the ruler of the marriage house. Never mind, if your will power then your personal decisions are more powerful, which can lead to a happy married life.

The favorable conditions of the stars and the planets are essential for a combination of a happy marriage. Proper combination and analysis of horoscope of both bride and groom is also essential as it helps to foretell the future events that may not be favorable for the couple. If you are looking for analysis of your horoscope for marriage then you may contact our expert Astrologer Prashant Kapoor. He is the only astrologer in India who has analysed more than 20,000 natal charts till now. He is quick in his analysis and uses various permutations and combinations for analyzing the horoscope for marriage



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