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Arizona Pietersite

Arizona Pietersite

The gemstone Arizona Pietersite

Arizona Pietersite is also recognized as storm Stone as it is a gemstone that brings energy, a little like a tempest intense within the stone.  It brings cleaning power to help you to generate positive change. This is a gemstone that is very inspiring to your power meadow, and assists you to liberate all unnecessary behaviour and harmful ways of enjoying your living. It has a muscular quivering that makes an active association to your deeper divine internal self and it supports you to avail divine direction. This particular stone also permits you to look forward  than where you are at the present, to perceive the larger image. This gemstone helps in peaceful journeying, and is a gemstone that motivates you to appreciate that you are a divine being. This use of the power of your thoughts to dream, and to generate stunning foresight and principles is very influential. Arizona Pietersite is extremely helpful and curing gemstone for you to utilize as they are recognized to rejuvenate your mind and activate you to obtain action. This motivates you to be enthusiastic to act the way you need to act to attain positive change in your life. You may observe that when you first utilize it, you can sense it functioning on clearing blockages, however at the same time you may speedily discover that you are sensing a status of transformed consciousness.


Why should I wear?

Arizona Pietersite is a significant means in serving those who secrete things from themselves and are not so good at expressing. It is thought that by making the users to communicate his/her embedded feelings, emotional outburst and openness, the procedure of healing starts fast. Pietersite is a useful gemstone for those who discover themselves caught in attaining victory and a designation in society. Pietersite is considered as the carrier of the key that guides the user’s path to heaven. It eliminates misunderstandings and helps the users see the exquisiteness of the spirit. It imbibes the feeling of humankind and compassion in the person so that he can regard everyone likewise. The supervision and decorum that Pietersite is supposed to offer to the users brings the capability and talent of that person to meet the excellence. Pietersite is also regarded as a tool that brings clearness in judgment and motivates instinctive capacities in person. Pietersite ornaments impressively sets in action and turns on the functioning of all the chakras of the body to create all the chakras connected with a total electromagnetic power. It develops the light power in the body and sensation and treats the third eye chakra, solar plexus chakra, and sacral chakra. The combined triggering of all the chakras will increase one’s instinctive capabilities by inculcating influential force in the body. By means of this gemstone, you can know-how a speedy spiritual change and ground-breaking divine perception. It can also assist persons to strengthen their third eye and spiritual ability. Pietersite power is fairly a volatile atmosphere of a heavy energy, and it increases analysis of mind, unites your thoughts, mind, and enhances psychic apparition

Benefits or Effects

This particular gemstone is an excellent remedial stone too, as it improves the functioning of the pituitary gland. This gland supervises the complete endocrine system and guides the hormones in the physical body together with those connected to sexuality, development, metabolism and blood pressure. Arizona Pietersite gemstone also aids the inclusion of nutrimental from food, and is recognized to develop the functioning of the nervous system and brain, and improve power and vigour. This gemstone purifies and vitalizes the meridians of the physical body, and triggers the complete chakra system, as well as improves your instinct, and serves you to anticipate more evidently. This further clearness of thought that may be supportive if you are studying. It is also helpful to make you better thoughtful of the facts that you are functioning with. Pietersite stimulates, revitalizes sixth sense and boosts up your mental capabilities, and permits you to create a bond with advanced understanding. It will mainly assist you if you are studying topics that may be hard to comprehend, such as esoteric facts. Pietersite motivates the physical body of the users by granting him power and authority. It is a gemstone for curing the nervous system as it is helpful for revitalizing and supporting the brain and nerves. It reduces headache, nervous diseases, stomach pain, respiratory issues, and light-headedness. It also encourages expansion, sex, high  blood pressure, and body temperature. It is also considered to soothe the eye infections, long distance focus and dull vision.



Origin – This particular gemstone was first discovered in Namibia and lately it has been found in China.

Birthstone month- August

Ruling planet – Sun

Profession Any profession as suggested by an astrologer can use this particular stone.

Significance Arizona Pietersite is a spiritual triggering gemstone, serving a person to discover a new path to move ahead. Pietersite gemstone also helps to clear the track that feels clogged-up or stagnant, by motivating the chakra system and allowing the light force into the solo power field and body.  It also functions with the female system to soothe hormone issues of females and cures troubles of premenstrual sickness and menopause. These professes are backed up by merely placing this stone on the throat chakra or the backside area of your neck that will help you to bring into line your mindful willpower together with the soul of your will.

Lastly, it is frequently used beside the base chakra or the feet, which gives you a feeling to have a rational admiration on Earth as a heavenly divine being with endless inventive power to use within the Godly Plan. It will aid you to unlock and merge its power with the entire body, serving you find numerous scope of light accessible for your own imagination.

Colour- It usually demonstrates a range of shades of colour, starting from red to yellow from blue to gray and brown.

Species- Quartz and crocidolite

Density- 2.50 to 2.74

Jewellery metal- Silver, copper, panchdhatu

Wearing day – Sunday

Caution- To clean your Arizona Pietersite, just use foamy water and a spongy cloth. Be definite to wash well to take away soapy remainder. After rinsing it dry it with soft cloth and wrap it safely. 

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