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Blue Sapphire Neelam African

African Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue Sapphire Neelam African

The gem

Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone is an extremely expensive , blue shade stone of the Corundum ore group. It is acknowledged as the most effective and speedy acting gemstone in vedic science of astrology, it brings quick prosperity, popularity and success in the user’s life.

 If a person  who wears Blue Sapphire has  misplaced property, then this particular stone assists in getting back of that property.  As per vedic Astrology, the  Blue Sapphire is the stone of planet Saturn. Saturn is known to be a planet of karma and its period is known to either make a person king or make one’s life chaotic. When a person wears Blue Sapphire, it brings plenty of affluence, luxury and wealth in wear’s life. The native of the stone achieves success everywhere and does not stop or face hurdles anywhere.

The Blue Sapphire stone helps a person to opt for correct career opportunities at the right time. With the help of the energy of this stone people accomplish the highest professional hike or growth. It also guides and encourages its wearer to appear for competitive examinations or critical seminars or interviews. This particular mighty stone also solves the issue of late marriage and helps a person to find his or her right spouse.


Why should I wear?

Neelam Stone is a thoroughly defensive  gemstone. It assists in safeguarding  from enemies, negative energies conjuration, and  jealousy. It emits positive energy and makes the surrounding of its native relaxing and peaceful.

Blue Sapphire stone endows with mental lucidity, clears uncertainty  and blesses an individual with the wisdom and right  decision making capabilities. The wearer of this stone can clearly perceive the various facets of life from their correct angle and thus can draw a wise conclusion.

This particular stone aIso upgrades the digestion system of a person, eradicates laziness and also encourages concentration. It is also the best stone for those people who are appearing for examinations and need lots of concentration.

 It has a magnificent healing capacity  to calm all the hyperactive senses and endows with composure and tranquility.

In some people’s birth charts  it eradicates  negative impact, unknown phobia and inferiority complexes.

The Blue Sapphire stone helps spouses in post marriage time to increase the bond of love, mutual understanding and cooperation and harmony. It also gives assistance to those couples who suffer from a trauma of childless situations. The high energy of this stone ensures successful conception of baby leading to normal childbirth.

Blue Sapphire tends to lose its color for a temporary period  to indicate to you if your opponents are planning to harm you. This way you can stay careful and alert.

Most importantly It gives relief to diseases like chronic fever and issues connected to the nervous system. It makes the functioning of our central nervous system smooth leading to appropriate blood circulation in the body.

Benefits and Effects

Blue Sapphire helps in the refinement of blood and governs the amount of presence of potassium in our body. It assists our kidneys to properly filter and purify the blood and drains out all dirt from the body.

This magnificent energy owner stone prevents the growth of malignancy and also confirms the highest operation of  motor nerves.

The people who are into the profession of transaction and  business,  accumulate their wealth and  of profit which manifolds extraordinarily  by the prosperous influence  of Blue Sapphire. It safeguards a business from dishonest competition and the harming effects of sudden unpredictable hurdles..

Blue Sapphire makes sure that its wearers get the due promotion and hike in salary and also protects from office conspiracies.

People who are undergoing disagreement connected to property or facing some court cases find wearing Blue Sapphire favourable. This stone is a very  powerful stone that makes you come out as conqueror over your opponents.


Origin – Sri Lanka, Asia, Thailand, Africa.

Birthstone Month – September

Ruling Planet – Saturn

Profession – People belonging to any profession can wear this provided it is suggested by an expert.

Significance – Persons who are native of this stone will have a calmness of mind as it has the capacity to unwind the mind. With a composite and calm  mind and psychic being   will be able to make correct decisions. Blue Sapphire keeps the inner being concentrated and assists people  to have a spiritual aligned life with a mind being connected with divinity . Healthy  mind always makes our body healthy. It is when a person is  healthy he can retain a healthy mind that thinks in a positive direction. With the help of Blue Sapphire healthy remains in a healthy body is possible , which motivates us to do good deeds thus acquiring effective karmic life. Whe this stone is worn as we are supposed we can experience magical change in our life.  It is believed that Neelam can treat incurable diseases like bone fever and paralysis.

Color- Different shades of blue.

Density – 3.99 to 4 mg/m3

Species – Iron and chromium

Jewellery metal – Gold and silver.

Wearing day – Saturday

Caution – Blue Sapphire suggestions should be made with caution. Proper care  should be taken to make certain that the Blue Sapphire is absolutely of high quality and is borrowed from an expert astrologer and  it should be free from any defect as mentioned in holy sacred texts.  Wearing a Blue Sapphire that is not of exact qualities can lead to many mishappening and accidents, health hazards and loss of position of power or honour. Do not forget to purify the stone before wearing. If you feel any discomfort after wearing this particular stone talk to your astrologer.

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