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The Gemstone Cacoxenite

Cacoxenite is renowned as “Super Seven” and “Musical Stone”. This beautiful and  precious stone material is popularly known  as Cacoxenite or Cacoxenite Amethyst. Cacoxenite is an alloy that includes  quartz. Its appearance resembles gold or brown acicular pointers.   This particular stone supports to enhance spirited vibrations and encourage one’s spiritual growth while strengthening  meditation practices.  Cacoxenite is a gemstone that is considered to convert something good even better. It is evident that there are amazing inclusions in the main stone, like quartz or amethyst and which increases the healing properties qualities of the stone by combining its own individual qualities into it. It shapes into different forms by clustering earthy  gold, and yellow colors. Cacoxenite strengthens the consciousness and intuition of the person who uses the particular stone, and also directs him on the right way. It supports the person in recognizing the tenderness of others and the vision  of the one who has created this beautiful cosmos.

Why should I wear

Cacoxenite is seen to stimulate and cure the third eye and crown chakras. It initiates an association between the one who uses it with spiritual domain.  It clears the spirit centre of the body by eliminating all the negative thoughts and forces..

By maintaining a balance with the crown chakra, Cacoxenite supports in managing the thinking process of the person, and how he acknowledges the physical world. Crown chakra is the origin from where a person derives his faiths and wisdom of life. It helps the users in recognizing his place and mission in the universe.

Cacoxenite is regarded as the mender of the brow chakra as well as the observation and recognition  of the person. The responsiveness of the human being is placed in brow chakra only. A stabilized brow chakra brings balance to a human being’s thought process and inner communications as well and makes them fit and dynamic.

Apart from this, Cacoxenite is also seen to restore the solar plexus chakra also, which is the core of all the connection of the human being. An unblocked solar plexus chakra cures the digestive and immunity related troubles as well. An extricate solar plexus chakra furnishes the person the courage  to confront  the infections and allergies.

When you place Cacoxenite in Amethyst on the table during food times and meetings to motivate politeness and avoid conflicts. In the workplace, it encourages the best working environment in a company and puts off  unethical strategy.

Benefit and Effect

Cacoxenite is observed as a comprehensive healer, which heals the entire body by acknowledging the basic association  between all the parts of our body, sentiments and intellect. The quivering force of the gemstone diminishes all the hormonal related problems, soothes stress, and recharges body cells. It is considered to be a supportive stone to the thyroid and adrenocortical gland of the human being and helps him to be away from the illness related to these glands.

Cacoxenite is supportive in bringing comfort to all kinds of digestive issues,stomach upset, and problem in the merger of the minerals in the body. Moreover, this extraordinary gem is experienced to soothe colds and flu, tumors, respiratory ailment, moles,  warts, and parasitic infections.

Cacoxenite is an extremely encouraging stone when a person is undergoing some kind of psychological problem in his life. It makes a peaceful place in its users’ life where one can draw-out himself when he wants.. Cacoxenite intensifies the relation of the wearer with others outsiders psychologically and mentally. It eliminates fear from one’s mind about various matters and eradicates the reason for anxiety and worry. It allows the wearer to accept himself in an actual sense. Cacoxenite is an alloy for bringing happiness to one’s life. It motivates one to witness the productive, favourable and useful energies in all programs and situations, and to use caution based on intelligence and judgement.


Origin –  It was first discovered in 1825 in the Hrbek Mine, in Bohemia. Presently it is also found in Germany, Sweden, England and France.

Birthstone month – November and December

Ruling planet- Jupiter

Profession – Writer, journalist, counsellor, physiotherapist, and others as suggested by astrologer.

Significance – Cacoxenite assists in increasing the dream work and concentration to connect the wearer more closely to the divine. It enhances psychic recognition and allows the wearer to realize that every individual  including him bears heavenly forces in their bodies. We  need to just realize and utilise them for upliftment of our life and that of other individuals.

Cacoxenite enhances the level of spirituality in a wide sense. It links individuals with the life force that gives the person the healing forces of this physical world. Cacoxenite is more energetic, zestful and quick than Amethyst, and inflates the awareness to realize that one can associate himself to Soul whenever there is a demand or desire. Its powerful vibration aids  in lining up the Third Chakra with the psychicl, submitting selfish will to Divine Will, making it simple to acquire the guidance and encouragement  needed to proceed ahead on one’s life path.

 Colour-  Yellow to reddish yellow, golden yellow, brownish yellow, deep orange and green.

Density – 2.20-2.60

Species – Phosphate mineral  and Iron aluminium

Jewellery metal –  Silver and copper

Wearing day –  Thursday

Caution – Clean your stone once in fifteen days. Use baby liquid soap or mild liquid soap to clean this gem. Never rub it hard with any brush or rough object and also avoid scented detergent to clean it. Be sure that your stone is not wet and wrap it  or dry it with soft cloth. Always take advice from an astrologer before using this stone.

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