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Buy Certified Carnelian Gemstone Online

Carnelian is a stabilizing gemstone. Carnelianis also called as the stone of motivation and stone of action. It is glassy and transparent in with orange and red color. Carnelian is generally found in Red, Orange, Pink and Brown in color. It is small, translucent pebble, often tumbled. Some stones are clear-transparent to reddish brown in color.

It is famous as a red, pink, and orange stone. Carnelian has cryptocrystalline structure with a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Moh’s scale. It is translucent and Opaque.
Carnelian is a gem which brings unique creativity and analytic abilities in an individual. It is excellent for restoring vitality. The ancient Egyptian called carnelian as the “Setting Sun”. In its orange hues, it has been associated with the female energies. Orange color is associated with the fertile female menstrual blood flow of the mother Goddess. Red-orange to reddish brown stone is associated with the active male energies.

It is the stone for the Zodiac sign Virgo and is ruled by the planet Mars. Carnelian increases the ability to grasp things with ease. It is very helpful for the students who are preparing for the competitive examination. It brings new spirit and also boots the self confidence. Self esteem and self worth is main key concept of Carnelian. It’s striking orange color brings new energy in the life.

Sources of Carnelian: It is found in Britain, India, Czech Republic, Peru, Iceland and Romania.

Carnelian uses and purposes: Buy Carnelian Stone Online

Carnelian imparts an acceptance to the cycle of life and removes fear of death of a person. It promotes courage, and gives positive life choices. It is useful to overcome abuse of any kind. It gets to the bottom of what makes you confident and removes negative conditioning.

It is used as a professional stone. Carnelian aid architects, engineers, builders and people who are in the profession of construction.
This is a stone which attracts prosperity, gives new sources and good luck. It removes undue pressure of the coworker in the professional area.
It is also known as the singing stone, and it clarifies the voice. It is an excellent healer for the neck and voice box in the human being. It also promotes confidence during singing.

Healing | Medical Astrology Benefits

Carnelian is an excellent healer. This stone is full of vitality. It is an excellent energy booster. It stimulates the metabolism and activates the base chakra.
It helps in the healing of female reproductive system. It increases fertility and reduces impotence in the male. Carnelian increases the urge of reproduction in male and female.Carnelian is used to lower back pain since ancient time. It heals the rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and depression. It also improves the absorption of vitamins and ensures good supply of blood to organs and tissues.

Why Semi precious gemstone Carnelian?

A semi precious stone also carries the same cosmic healing chakra as the precious gemstone. Carnelian is ruled by the planet Mars and is excellent for the Zodiac Virgo. Semiprecious stones are cheaper than the precious gemstone, but gives excellent result to the wearer. You can also wear semi precious gemstone even if you don’t have proper birth chart. It can be worn studded in jewelry or pendants.

Wholesale price of Carnelian: We at Astrokapoor offer natural certified astrological gemstones. You can visit our office or can buy online form our Astro store.

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