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Fossil Coral

Fossil coral

Fossil Coral
Fossil Coral is a type of natural gemstone formed by ancient Corals. It’s name has been derived from ‘ agatized coral’ or ‘agatized fossil coral’ because during its formation, the coral remains were gradually replaced by the agate, a variety of natural chalcedony. It shouldn’t be mistaken with an endangered or protected reef coral or precious coral. It is generally a variety of agate rather than the coral due to the presence of silicon dioxide.
Coral deposits are mined and commercialized for their high calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium content for making health and drug supplements. It is also used in industrial fertilizers and water chemical filters because it can remove the impurities of the water.

Identifying Fossil Coral
It is created through the process of replacement. In this the calcium carbonate is replaced by silica. The presence of silica is little amorphous to dense form of chalcedony. Thus the composition of fossil coral may vary slightly due to amount of mineral composition. Fossil Coral is harder than precious coral. Most agatized fossil coral exhibit a dull to waxy luster.

Buying Fossil Coral and Value
Fossil Coral Color – The color of this coral exhibit light to dark shadows. It is found in white, pink, brown, gray, black and red color. Coral color depends on the weathering of the rocks and its treatment.

Fossil Coral Cut and Shape
Fossil Coral is often polished and shaped as cabochons. It is frequently used as gemstone carving. Most common shapes in which it is shaped are oval, round and cushion.

Fossil Coral Gemological Properties
Crystal Structure – Hexagonal
Density – 2.60 – 2.64
Luster – waxy to dull
Color – Mostly gray; all colours and multicolor
Cleavage – None
Chakra Healing – Root or Base Chakra

Fossil Coral Healing
Fossil Coral relaxes the emotional temper of its wearer. It further motivates one to heal the negative emotions of the body. It creates an inner peace within the aura of the body. A jewel globule makes one free from the physical and psychological pain. Fossil Coral is an excellent companion for supporting the calm nature of the person. It supports one to have a feeling of brotherhood and companionship.
Physical Healing- Fossil Coral removes the poison from the body and protects the physical torso of the body. It also helps in digestion and re calms the brittle bone of the body. It treats the kidney, gall bladder, liver and other internal part of the body. Further it treats menstrual cramps, delivery, operational pain and improves the eyesight.

Heals and Balances Chakra
Fossil Coral Agatized heals and balances the heart chakra. It clears the pessimism caused by the negativity of the soul. It triggers the solar plexus which is the distribution centre of the spouse and relationship.

Fossil Coral Facts
• It shows Trigonal system of colors.
• They were created through a biological progression of the coral reef.
• Fossil Coral is more often than a natural coral.
• Fossil Coral is opaque in nature.

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