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Gold Obsidian

Gold Obsidian

The Gemstone Gold Obsidian

This stone, golden obsidian that shapes when gas bubbles from the exceptional lava surge and are enfold in the obsidian as it forms its shape. The blemish of the gasses marks a golden gleam to take place, ensuing obsidian a golden expression. Golden Obsidian gemstone is usually worn by religious healers to bring appease from pain and disorder in the abdomen and assimilation, including ulcers. It is also seen to be helpful for males who have become unable due to continuous anxiety and other unconstructive daily life issues. Gold Obsidian is a stone of charm, recognized in olden times as the enchanter’s mineral.  Power which release from this gemstone brings a feeling of protection, positivity, and wonderful experienced love. It brings balance to the origin stimulating force surge, and representing originality. Its enhances its energy, yet its comforting power will support a person on his journey of life to stay out serene and continue rolling forward through hard work.

Why should I wear?

Gold Obsidian gemstone will help you to get back your superiority and bring into line with the logic of your survival. It maintains an individual’s excitement soaring and supports him in his trouble times and maintains his optimistic attitude towards this life. It also balances the composite system of fibre situated in abdomen. The force of obsidian stone will have the self-assurance to permit your insight flow, your declaration will be on pinnacle and you will experience determination and in manage of the situation. The stone of Gold Obsidian is a outstanding gemstone to utilize when beginning on a thoughtful divine force of self finding. It will help you to get to the source of all the deepest and tender pains. Some persons may even keep in mind a pain they have confined away and forgotten. Golden Obsidian stone functions on an important progression to assist in throwing out unconstructive and monotonous force from life and manage the internal fighter. This commanding gemstone assists a person turning out as a champion against all conditions of life. It enhances interpersonal ability in a person thus turning him an powerful person in his societal surroundings. The optimistic energy of this stone which releases from Obsidian will safeguard you from all exterior energies that may stop you to fight with all your power and make you fearful. You can use the gemstone in conditions where somebody is exploiting their powerful authority against you. This particular gemstone will discontinue their pessimism and give you the determination to come up for yourself.

Benefits or Effects

As a stone of revival Gold Obsidian is considered to promote productiveness by serving people with less obsession. By matching intellect chemistry it can aid to diminish nervousness, grief, and emotional disorders. The gemstone Obsidian is an influential healer because it is capable to bend round or serious wound made to cells. It also assists in stimulating tiny cell of the body and improves the working capability of bone marrow which enhances blood health in the physical body and benefits smooth working of our entire body parts, mostly muscles part of our body and the heart. Its cellular reinstallation enhancing capabilities aids in soft tissues’ revival supporting with a high speediness of healing sprains, wounds, and mark.

By making flexible  the nerve collection this gemstone also unswervingly influence the performance the pancreas and the diaphragm completely which have a massive conclusion on breathing and release of digestive hormones. The gemstone of Golden Obsidian also heals digestive trouble, or discomfort in the kidneys, pancreas, and liver. The persons who are suffering from  adrenal matters, diabetes, back pain, hypoglycaemia and digestive malfunctions should use this gemstone. This particular gemstone has high vigorous power with which it clears the body, clears blocks and nervousness including those of arteries. It heals arthritis, joint pain any type of cramps and wounds.

People who suffer from low self-assurance, stammering affairs are also recommended to utilize this stone. For them it works like beneficial gemstone.


Origin – Mexico and USA

Birthstone month- October, November, December

Ruling Planet – Venus

Profession – Teachers, writer, businessman, stage players, painters..


In meditation, Gold Sheen Obsidian gemstone is capable to keep you restricted while cleaning down all obstacles in the mindful and intuitive mind. This gemstone will take you on a considerate journey unfathomable to the lap of the soul to hold up you to free past memories, and choked pain while at the similar time it will remain you grounded, protected, and physically commanding. Gold Obsidian will assemble your opinion, add to perceptions, and bring about suspensions. Obsidian stone allow an unnoticed depth, on your emotional character and supports with any type of excitement. It clears the adjacent of negative heavenly effect and works as a defend against mystical attacks. Obsidian stone is a strongly self-protective gemstone, establishing a safeguard against emotional pessimism. This gemstone links you to the mother earth through the basis chakra and builds up you in period of requirement. It is helpful to tremendously receptive people. It eliminates psychic attack and removes negative heavenly influences.

Colour – Dark grey, black with a golden shimmer on it and dark brown,

Density – 2.35 to 2.60

Species – Amorphous, siliceous glass

Jewellery metal- Silver, gold.

Wearing day –Friday, Saturday

Caution- Do not use this gemstone without asking an astrologer. Do the regular maintenance of Golem Obsidian gemstone, with lukewarm water and soft shampoo. Do not stroke the gemstone insensitively and drape it in a spongy cloth after washing it.

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