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Green Sapphire African

Green Sapphire African

Green Sapphire African

The Gem

The green tinge comes from the existence of iron  in the gem stone. Because of the existence  of the iron, the green or blue-green sapphire stone has an excessive thickness than most of the  other sapphires thus giving the stone an appearance of  green. Sapphire gemstone is  the second most thick  gemstone that is found on this earth.  Green sapphires with rich characteristics are scarce, for example those stones that are well-polished, are rich in color, and have minimal incorporation of other ores. In alternative medicinal therapies, this particular stone  is considered effective to restore the ‘Heart Chakra’ that assists  to bring a balance between the body and soul. After wearing this stone its users also recover from anxiety, all apprehensions, and fright. The gemstone is regarded as a symbol of prosperity and knowledge. This benefit is one of the famous green sapphire benefits. This stone can also help you in attaining  alertness with rich values.  Green sapphires will uplift one’s  mind, and at the same time upgrade knowledge related  to establishing and running  a business and discharging tasks properly.

The stone also has the capacity to refine your judgment and keep you creative, and encourage you to exercise reasonable  judgment all the time.The stone is also known as the symbol of honest  as well as intelligent supervision. As a matter of fact, it is the ideal stone for women industrialists or entrepreneurs who wish to make their business successful and competitive  without losing their honesty and truthfulness..

Why should I wear?

As a defensive and curative stone, many people attach it near their body. It  is regarded as the gem with the highest force. Each green sapphire ring is worn on the right, hand index finger. The high qualities of the stone  are accompanied by several positive effects on mind and soul and body.

In addition to its supernatural and spiritual qualities, sapphire has a wide extent of function  on humans. It has a material and mental effect on people.

The enormous  and highly energetic gemstones are difficult to find. Its magnificent spirit functions directly on the human inner mind and cannot be deflected with other stones. It goes deep inside into the body and touches the inner soul , mind and initiates an association to the body. This interrelation of body and soul certifies composure and harmony at the highest level. The sapphire encourages engrossment and straightforwardness.

To accomplish high desired goals, it concentrates the mind and organizes the thoughts. This particular gemstone assists to get rid of rage and frustration. It also saves from emotional bursts and builds up the thought and  concentration. As a curative stone it also assists to conquer learning problems and stress resulting from tests.. At the same time nourishes and improves the functions of nerves, soothes them and improves their functions. This will calm the mind and reinforce the willpower.

Benefits & Effect

When it comes to heal our material body, purple as well as green sapphires are seen to be very effective  since they bring cooling and soothing action to the eye. This particular stone also supports the eye, improves all the muscles functioning inside the eyes and is very  supportive in boosting one’s vision.

This stone green sapphire also has the capacity  of appeasing a hyperactive body system.  It also assists  the appropriate functioning  of glands. Green sapphires are also seen to stop heavy bleeding and also cures the blood loss in a person. It also helps in anemia.

The high energy of this stone also helps in treating cardiovascular disease, controls high blood pressure. It is often seen when people suffer from kidney ailments or stones in kidney astrologers suggest them to wear green sapphire as the  strong energy of this stone cures all these problems and diseases.

Wearing a green sapphire helps a person to accumulate more wealth and prosperity, it clears all the hurdles that a person may face in his life. It is a very good stone when a person is doing any financial dealings or transactions. Always wear a green sapphire if you are going to attend an interview or high official meetings. This stone will give you magnetic power to remain the centre of attraction of a particular gathering/meeting.

When it comes to nurturing a relationship of love,, green sapphires play a very important role in it.This particular stone will give you the courage and encourage you to express the feelings in your heart. And also , it will help you to gage the needs and interest of other people.


Origin – Africa, Srilanka, Burma, USA, Australia

Birthstone month- September

Ruling planet – Ruling planet

Profession – Businessman, entrepreneurs, artist, musician.

Significance – With the help of this stone goals and desires can be perceived clearly and thus it is easy to accomplish.It also helps to restore Inner peace and harmony, promotes mystical growth.  As the owner of majestic force, this green gem assists to  align your creativity with  your will power in order to encourage you to fulfil your wish. It gives self-restraint, will power and discipline. Values such as loyalty, friendship, affection  and optimism are encouraged in a person. This stone activates the willpower to relieve oneself from all mental related illness.. It has been seen many times to be very useful in exhausting situations, as it resists  the signs and breaks them down.

This marvellous  stone is  just what we deserve in life as it is full of many hurdles.. The gemstone reveals  its maximum  effect when it is placed in direct contact with the injured area.

Also it should be worn as a jewellery which is either in a form of chain or ring so that with its  direct contact on the body emits the energy and heals all the injury. It is especially  useful  when it is worn on the neck, as it efficiently sucks up  the energy of the sun.

Colour – Different shades of green

Density – 3.93 mg/m3

Species – Aluminum oxide

Jewellery metal – Gold is highly recommended

Wearing day – Wednesday

Caution: The stone green sapphire is a stone with its multifarious effect so do not wear it on your own without consulting a n astrologer. It is necessary to clean the stone regularly with warm water and mild soap to avail its benefit and positive energy. Always purify the stone before wearing it and wear it on the day which was particularly suggested by an expert.

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