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Italian Red Coral Rosary-Moonga Mala

Product Name: Italian Red Coral Rosary-Moonga Mala
Description: Made from natural red coral bead with strong thread.

Coral is a gift from the mother ocean, which reminds us of your eternal foundation. Red Coral Moonga is found under the ocean and is composed of skeletons of little animals into reef. It is one of the five sacred stones of the Tibetans. Coral Moonga symbolizes life force energy. It was used as a protection against an evil eye.

Coral has an absorbing quality; it turns pale if the wearer is anemic. Coral is a very good aid during meditation or visualization.
Red Coral Moonga has an excellent healing power. It removes depression, lethargy and blood related disorders.
Red Coral is considered an excellent stone for removing manglik dosha and helps open to find a suitable match. It removes marital problems and blesses with a happy married life.

Benefits of Red Coral Mala-Moonga Gemstone Rosary
Used during sadhana and worshipping of Lord Hanuman, Lakshmi and for Mars and Manglik Dosha problems.
It brings harmony in conjugal life.
It is very good for increasing self confidence, self expression and perseverance.
Red Coral improves digestion, and blood related disorders.
It removes emotional trauma and realign the chakras

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