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Certified Jade Gemstone

Jade is a semiprecious gemstone of the mineral sodium aluminum silicate also called as Nephrite Jade. Jade was first used in the history in the making of weapons and tools. It is Green, orange, brown, blue, blue-green, lavender, and red white in color. It is translucent known as jadeite or creamy known as nephrite. Nephrite is more easily obtained than Nephrite Jadeite. It has a monoclinic crystal structure and 6.to 6.5 in the Mohs scale. Its surface is sometimes opaque and translucent. It is generally readily available in green color.

Origin: Jade is most commonly found in United States, China, Italy, Myanmar and Russia.

Nephrite Jade Healing Properties

Jade is a symbol of purity. It signifies wisdom and truthfulness of the thought. It relieves the mental depression of the wearer. It increases love and nurturing power of the wearer. Jade brings harmony and attract good luck and friendship.
It stabilizes the personality and enhances the charm of the wearer. It has a remarkable capacity to stimulate ideas and makes tasks easy and less complex. If placed on the forehead, it brings insightful dreams.
Physically, it is good for body filtration. It cleans the organs of eliminations. It is an excellent stone for the Kidneys.

Why Jade Gemstone?

Although jade is a semiprecious gemstone, you can get immense benefit by wearing this gemstone. Semiprecious gemstone also carries excellent properties for healing body and mind. It is green in color, so it helps to provide expansion and growth in the life of the wearer. It can also be used to enhance the ill propagated Mercury.
Good benefits of semi precious gems are that they are cheaper than precious gemstone, harmless and you can use it even, though you don’t have a proper horoscope of yours.
Note: You cannot use precious gemstone without your proper birth chart. But, it is recommended to use semi precious gems, even if you don’t have your correct horoscope.

Gems Therapy | Jade is useful for Medical Astrology Treatment

Jade treats the kidneys and supra adrenal glands, removes toxins from the body and rebinds the skeletal system. It is very good for the fertility and childbirth. It basically, works on the hip areas and spleen
Since ancient time, this stone is used for the treatment of endocrine gland disorders. It can be used in jewelry a pendant or finger rings also. If you keep this stone under pillow, it creates positive aura around the body of the wearer.
Blue Blue-Green Jade: It symbolizes peace and reflection.
Brown Jade: It is stone, which connects wearer to the earth and brings comfort and reliability.
Green Jade: It is the most common jade. It calms the nervous system. It harmonizes the marital relationship.
Lavender jade: It alleviates emotional hurt. It removes strained emotional relationship.
Red jade: It is the most passionate stone. It is associated with love and harmony. It releases tension.
White jade: It directs energy in the most constructive way. It removes distractions and aids in decision making.
Yellow jade: It is a stone of energy. It teaches the interconnection of all beings. It aids in the healing of digestive system.

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