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Lizardite is named after its discovery in Kennack Cove. It is the most common serpentine species of gemstone found in USA and Europe. The color of this stone is soft green in color with sometime dark hue on the inner part of the body. It was named in 1995 by Eric James Williams Whittaker based on the location in which it was found.
Lizardite is a composition of magnesium silicate hydroxide mineral in the serpentine group. It is mainly found in the metamorphic igneous rock. It is carved into ornamental stone in the shape of pendant and earrings.

Lizardite is a strongly grounding stone. The soft green color of lizardite helps in healing of the nervous and the brain tissue. It helps in the proper production of insulin the patient suffering from diabetes. It is an extremely useful stone to place in your immediate environment. It removes the negative energy and dispels the psychic interference.
It promotes confidence, optimism and determination. This green stone finds the underlying cause of problems and offers a means of determination. It also gives support during deep emotional healing, including past life or bodywork to release emotional disease.
Emotionally,. Lizardite has the power to change and stabilize relationships. It can help in transmuting negative expectations into the positive ones.

Lizardite Properties
Cleavage – Perfect
Streak – Greenish white
Color – Yellow, Green White
Birthstone – May, June
Chakra Healing – Heart chakra, Crown chakra
Moh’s scale- 2 to 2.5

Where is Lizardite found?
It is found in USA, Russia and even some parts of Europe

Lizardite Metaphysical Properties
Lizardite is a commanding stone. It clears the blockages for the positive entrance of energy in the body and the soul. It assists the retrieval of freedom to the person. It sheds light on the chakra and raises the kundalini. It also assists the conscious management and corrects the mental as well as emotional trauma. It helps the wearer to feel more attractive and hopeful.

Lizardite Price
This is a semiprecious gemstone and crystal. If you are looking for a natural Lizardite online in India, USA and UK, then make sure to get a lab certificate from a reputed lab such as GIA and IGLI.
Many fake gemstones and jewelry sellers sell artificial gemstone in the name of Lizardite, so a certificate of authentication is must before buying a natural Lizardite.
You can buy natural Lizardite from our astrostore. We have sell natural Lizardite in a wholesale price in India.

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