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Neon Apatite

Neon Apatite

The Gemstone

Neon Apatite is said to be the stone of expression as it assists you to perceive things more clearly, to understand areas of concern  that are influencing you negatively, recognize the obstacles which you have to get rid off to reach your destination and also the matters that are stopping you to move ahead. It revives the progress of your psychic gifts and psychological arrangement, intensifying  meditation and helping communication and verbal expression on all levels.  It harmonizes  the physical, mental,  emotional,  and spiritual bodies, and also all the chakras, eradicating hyperactivity and revitalizing under activity.

Psychologically, Apatite stone enhances inspiration. It removes all negativity about one’s own self  and others in the environment.  It is also a supportive stone for children who are hyperactive and autistic by birth.  Apatite increases innovativeness and intelligence. It removes doubt and disappointment, brings down impatience and arouses psychic self. Apatite increases intelligence and truth and removes despair, indifference, and annoyance.

Physically, Apatite helps in maintaining  proper balance of calcium, assisting  tissues, bones and teeth to function properly, cures bones and stimulates the emergence of new cells.  It cures diseases like arthritis and joint problems.  Apatite can profitably support in balancing the sense hunger and improving the metabolic rate, uplifting healthy habits of eating.  It cures the glands,  body parts and controls hypertension.

Why should I wear?

The name has powerful significance as it has derived from the Greek word. It releases powerful energy which encourages its users to always think positive and face or struggle this life without stopping in any situation. Apatite will inculcate in  you unbounded determination, with which you will be capable of overcoming negative misconduct with  strong will power and also develop  fresh good habits that bring a remarkable change in the direction of life,  which was hard to do before.

Another quality of Neon Apatite is to help earn everything best in the field of finance, it will bring in you intelligence to handle money matters well. It will bring all good charms and luck for you, at work field it  will support  you to achieve higher positions and if you are a business person, it serves as a lucky charm to convert many odd factors  in your favor and help you do your best in each project or work you try.

Benefits or Effects

Neon Apatite can assist you to come out of your resentment, bitterness and disturbing memories of the past and helps you to develop the quality of forgetting all bitterness in a relationship and forgive others.

Apatite is well known in gem remedy to cure issues related to sleep, anxiety. It is also known to build up the muscle structure in the body and eliminate all kinds of problems related to muscle. If you place the gem Apatite on your problematic part of the body it heals the pain and cures the injury.

This stone has various other uses in many other fields. It is used as an additive for the manufacture of agricultural fertilizers.The people also utilize this particular stone in house decoration or for the  construction of houses.

 From a spiritual viewpoint, apatite promotes positivity and links oneself with a higher spiritual world.  If you face a difficulty to socialize, wearing a blue apatite in contact with the throat chakra helps you to overcome your shyness and become more extroverted.

In moments of uncertainty in life, when one faces a state of confusion, the stone apatite directs him towards the right path and endow him the courage to overcome all hurdles and in turn achieve the desire goal  It gives us liveliness and is also supportive in cases of dejection caused by a stage of hyperactivity . It can also be helpful to keep an individual composed in situations that make you lose tolerance.


Origin –  Madagascar

Colour- Intense blue to blue green colour.

Birthstone month – May

Ruling planet- venus

Profession – Scientist, agriculturalist,film maker, painter, writer and others as suggested by an astrologer.

Significance – This gorgeous  apatite gemstone that diminishes any kind of annoyance  and encourages  personal advancement  so that you can live  a much more happy and contented life without anxiety and frustration. There are countless healing qualities which are associated with this fascinating  apatite stone. It is closely associated with  the  heart chakra and larynx. This stone also helps in all the ailments related to throat and voice. It also assists you to eliminate the problem of constipation and improves the function of the lower and upper respiratory system and throat. It is very useful to fight against sleeplessness. It improves your communication skill and makes your overall personality impressive. This particular stone enhances the confidence of a person and strengthens his public image.helps . In addition, you develop a better understanding with your neighbouring world and relatives. By using this gemstone in the form of jewellery  will help you boost your firmness of any purpose. This apatite stone has the attribute  to make you feel relaxed. Apatite also harmonizes your physical body  with your environment  so that you feel happiness and peace within yourself.

Density – 3.10 – 3.25 (g/cm3)

Species – Phosphate minerals

Jewellery metal – Preferably Silver

Wearing day –  Tuesday, Saturday

Caution – Do not forget to consult an expert before using another combination of stones along with a Neon apatite.. Do not expose the stone to heat, and preferably take away your stone from your body while cooking or doing other heavy household work. After cleaning the gemstone with mild soap and lukewarm water leave it for drying at room temperature and then wrap it in a soft cloth.

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