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Noreena Jasper

Noreena Jasper

Noreena Jasper
Noreena Jasper is a silicified mudstone. It is an excellent variety of Jasper. It has a nonfigurative pattern that appeals to the eye. In the traditions, Noreena Jasper is used for its vibrancy. On the physical plain, it increases the fertility in the female. The energies present in the Noreena Jasper is believed to trigger the solar plexus and heals the same. It also restores the sexual drive and manifests the creativity in the ideas.

Noreena Jasper Facts
Noreena Jasper occurs in the raw pieces.
It has the most magnificent geometric structure.
Noreena Jasper stone vitalizes the eternal flame
It is found in the deposits between 2765 and 2687 million years old.
It is found in the deposits of Australian mines.

Noreena Jasper Color
It is found in tinge of mustard yellow along with creamy tints.

Where is Noreena Jasper found?
It is found in the Pilbara vicinity of Australian region. It was extracted from the iron ore mines of some 700 miles north of capital of Perth.

Noreena Jasper Healing
Noreena jasper has an excellent healing property. It is widely used in the treatment of severe mental anxiety and removes conflict in a situation of emergency. It is used for increasing the power of love and compassion.

Noreena Jasper is a jewel boulder that treats the excess flow of blood in the wound. It also treats hemorrhages and other blood related problems. It fortifies the intestines and maintains health of a kidney. It is an excellent emotional healer. This gemstone has the quality to bring strength top the emotional life. Further it is known to remove the feelings of the dark from the life that are unemotional and increases the emotional bond between the two person.
Noreena Jasper helps in the attainment of joy in the life and is an excellent emotional healer. It also heals and balances the chakra. It activates the solar plexus and the crown chakra. These activated chakras then raise the kundalini of the body.

Metaphysical Properties
• It energizes and heals the immune system of the body.
• Norrena Jasper conceives in traditions for protection.
• It is a variety of Jasper and is categorized under quartz.
• It has little amount of mineral that determines its color.

Noreena Jasper Properties
Color – Brown to Yellow
Luster – Vitreous to Greasy
Chakra Healing – Root or Base chakra, Solar Plexus
Mohs scale – 6.5 to 7
Crystal – Quartz

Noreena jasper beads are natural and sometimes rough in appearance. The price varies according to the quality of the stones. If you are looking to buy Noreena Jasper in India, USA the UK then you can buy it from our store.

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