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Obsidian Eye

Obsidian Eye

The Gemstone Obsidian Eye

Obsidian is a gemstone which has appeared naturally out of volcanic lava. When hot lava is emitted from a volcano and after it gets cooler then obsidian is formed. Obsidian is mostly available in the areas  where very acid volcanic lava eruptions have happened. It is also seen that obsidian was extraordinarily  precious in the Stone Age to make honed blades or instruments like arrows.  It is firm and hardened hence it was used in cutting and penetrating instruments. The obsidian eye is also renowned as the paradise eye. It is not a normal gemstone. This stone is meant for those who have the courage to perceive the past and future too. It functions swiftly with great capacity. It has massive potentiality of regeneration and profound spirit healing as this stone is vicious and straight. This gem also shields the person who uses it and protects from the negative energies of the environment, from others and also mind. It associates the bottom of the spine to the centre of the physical world..

Why should I wear

Obsidian eye has massive defensive qualities but it is tender in its approach . The Obsidian eye is immensely supportive in relieving out the meaningful research of one’s psyche to understand the underlying reason of emotional wounds and anxiety. It also assists in unknotting himself from the past.  The Obsidian eye is also renowned for initiating the sense of aspiration, glow and positive power as well as it assists in developing the supernatural light into the environment. It assists in overcoming melancholy, emotional instability, desperation or unnecessary fears.

 The obsidian eye is also well known to clear and orients all the chakras and if used  as a necklace then it can soak up all the negative forces from the environment, eradicating the trauma and anxiety from the physical body. This stone is also known as  ‘stone of pleasure’ as it brings satisfaction and happiness  in one’s life. With this the person who uses it becomes hopeful. It is also worn for prayer   and also leads to increase in wealth and money.

Benefits and Effect

The obsidian eye can cure any ailment or fever but it is well known  for highlighting the emotional reasons  of physical illness. It actually helps in overcoming anxiety, relieves pains  in the muscles and upgrades blood flow and artery fitness. It also speeds up the procedure of healing the injury, swelling  and strains  as well as helps with pain solace. In addition to this,  an obsidian eye also helps in absorption of food  and detoxing which helps in overcoming a few routines  like overeating, smoking, using drugs or overeating.

It is observed that all forms of obsidian are supportive in psychological healing. This even functions for those people  who have given up the courage and will of facing the hard time. It functions  as a miracle for those who have the courage to fight their difficulties because most commonly it is seen that  verbal mistreatment, physical misbehave, disturbance, agony or any other such scenarios which prevents  personal and also psychic growth. Most of the time people are mostly  encompassing  with the eating disarray, cravings, phobia, self doubt , melancholy, anger etc. in this case the obsidian eye assists in identifying the actual  picture of objectives behind these daily sufferings and also assists in finding  the solutions for these problems .Besides  this, it also aids in interpreting and acknowledging  those with whom an individual is empathetic and feels pleasant.

The  obsidian eye is the well known gemstone which assists in acquiring success and plenty of wealth. The system on which it functions, diverts you from the negative lifestyle and cravings which distracts  you from the monetary goals which you have to accomplish in your life. The strength  and force of the stone motivates the person to welcome new things in life and try them out.

It will also assist you to become more courageous and adventurous..


Origin –  California, Nevada, New Mexico and western part of the USA.

Birthstone month – January

Ruling planet-  Saturn

Profession – Journalist, artist, musician, teachers, and others as suggested by astrologer.

Significance – The  obsidian eye is used to save the person from depression and traumas and it can also be helpful for a person to handle the situation when some turmoil is going on in his life. Therapists and counselors also used it to understand in detail  the root of all the problems comfortably as well as rapidly and for soaking up released energies. The obsidian eye assists the individual in overcoming the pain of  break-up and mends  the wounded heart. It makes you feel happy and encourages you to move ahead in life and makes the future life bright. By possessing this  stone will surely throw a light  on your power and shortcomings as far as affection and relations are concerned.

As this particular stone helps us to recognize your strengths and weaknesses you will be able to realize the various aspects on which you should be protruding and also the traits which you need to eradicate from your Personality. The obsidian eye aids the person in pinpointing  the exact cause behind a particular thing which went incorrect.

The obsidian eye gemstone also helps you  to develop integrity  & glory and also cleansing the soul internally which fosters the development of an individual in all aspects. It attaches the spirit  of the person with the rightness. It works as a protection towards all evil intentions

 Colour- Brown, dark brown, black colour.

Density – 2.35 – 2.60

Species – Silicon dioxide

Jewellery metal – Gold, silver and other metals as suggested by astrologer

Wearing day –  Saturday

Caution – The obsidian eye stone should be  cleaned under flowing water on an orderly basis. One more thing which a user of this  should remember is that the obsidian eye is exceptionally an individual gemstone and it should be used by one person only and it is not interchangeable. This stone has immense power, it acts as a protection for those who are very delicate, hence it should be always carried or remain in contact with the body of a person.

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