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Pearl Rosary-Moti Mala

Product Name: Pearl Rosary-Moti Mala
Description: Made from natural Pearl beads.

Pearl is the jewel of the sea. It is found in shells of the oysters. Pearl absorbs negative energy from the wearer and transmits positive energy. Pearl is strongly connected to moon. It calms overreactions and extreme emotional triggers. It soothes emotional instability, stress and stabilizes emotion.

Pearl-Moti has an excellent healing property. It eliminates toxins and fluid retention from the body. It is an excellent stone for removing anger and mental depression. It soothes emotional instability. It removes stress and fear. Pearl is an excellent antidote for the excessively macho man or overly aggressive female.

Purpose of Pearl-Moti Mala: It can be worn to bring mental peace. Pearl rosary is an excellent for bringing balance state of mind. It removes emotional instability.

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